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Hotel Luggage Racks

When your guests check into a hotel room, it is very likely they wish to unwind, especially if they have finished a very long trip with bags in hand. One way you can help them relax and revel in their temporary home away from home would be to make sure they have access to a hotel room luggage rack at which they can set their possessions. Hotel Guests enjoy the utility of a luggage rack during more extended stays. Most rack frames are 20" in tall, which places just about any sized luggage easily-accessible. When utilizing a resort bag rack, guests should ensure that the stand is folded out before placing heavy things on it. Doing so prevents any unnecessary damage to the room or bag and prevents the device from being ruined by an overloaded suitcase.

We have several metal and wooden folding luggage stands that are small enough for tight spaces but big enough for large suitcases. The Hospitality 1 Source Luggage Racks can hold up to 500 lbs!