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Vellux Blankets

The Original Vellux  Blankets

Let's talk dollars & cents; this blanket blends quality and durability to give hotels one the best cost per use blankets available lowering you overhead over a period. To make a Vellux Blanket a polyurethane foam insulating base is placed down with a scrim or netting layer on top with another layer of polyurethane.  A colored glue or adhesive is used to give the blanket a primed color. Stuck to this glue is are millions of small colored nylons fibers which passed through an electrostatic machine that makes them straighten out and pushes them into the blanket. Because the fibers are so tiny and thin, the blanket becomes soft and cozy. 

The durability of a  Vellux Blanket is un a parallel.  Due to the way it was assembled it can be clean & washed without pilling, shrinking, or melting. As a hypo-allergenic, light weight durable blanket hotels4humanity is proud to offer a few different brands to choose from. While we endorse Westpoints Vellux Blanket, there are still many to choose from for whatever your budget needs are.