Hotel Pillow

Best Hotel Bed Pillows

Presenting the highest rated, best hotel pillow brands to buy. Including Pacific Coast Touch Of Down, Brentwood By Martex and Phoenix Down Pillows. 

When a purchasing hotel collection pillows for the bed. You 1st want to make sure their machine washable and offer your head and neck support and comfort for a neck pain-free nights sleep. 2nd you will want to decide what type of pillow, some pillows are great for side sleepers, and others are better for stomach sleepers. If you're buying your pillows for a 2-3 star hotel, you will probably be satisfied with a polyester blown alternative pillow.

Another type of hotel bed pillow is the gel fiber and shredded memory foam pillow. However, these seem to be more of a fad rather than creating a luxury hotel experience. The best hotel pillows to buy are for the 4-5 star hotels properties. They want to go with a classic down pillow. Down Pillows come in white duck down and white goose down pillows. These pillows have been the most comfortable pillows on the market since the days of Kings & Queens.