Review Your Hotel's CSR Strategic Goals and Readiness for Developing Alliances

Alliances with businesses are part of the strategies and tactics that effective nonprofit organizations use to serve their customers, reach their goals, and achieve desired results. When aligned with a hotel's strategic goals, it can be an effective way to reach and impact both organizations.

Successful alliances between hotels and nonprofits require effective leadership and management, high-quality programs, sound finances, and organizational practices that are open to entrepreneurial activities.

Hotels and nonprofits need to have a solid foundation on which to build in order to ensure the success of their alliance. Therefore, in light of opportunities to develop strategic alliances with nonprofits, hotels should revisit their CSR mission and strategic goals, consider objectives that might involve alliances, and assess their readiness to pursue them. Hotels should then decide how to increase their capability in any area and whether to proceed to develop alliances or wait until improvements within the nonprofit are made.

You should write your CSR mission statement and address questions below about your strategic goals and organizational readiness, providing examples wherever possible.

What Is Our Hotel's mission:

Strategic GoalsDoes this exist in our hotel?Comments & Concerns
What aspects of our vision for our hotel and our legacy can alliances help us realize?
How can we develop a strong brand identity and customer loyalty through strategic alliances with non-profits?
How can we reduce advertising costs by leveraging non-profits' resources to reach more customers?
What opportunities are available to create new revenue streams by engaging with non-profits?
How can we increase our visibility, awareness, and reputation by forming partnerships with non-profit organizations?
What initiatives can we undertake to nurture our employer of choice by engaging in collaborative initiatives with non-profits?
How can we make a positive impact on the community by forming alliances with non-profits that align with our mission?
Readiness for Developing AlliancesDoes this exist in our hotel?Comments & Concerns
What steps can we take to establish relationships with local nonprofits and understand their mission and goals?
How can we develop a clear strategy for how the hotel will benefit from an alliance with the nonprofit?
How can we establish a budget for the alliance and determine resource availability?
What potential areas of collaboration can we identify and how can both organizations benefit?
What communication strategy can we develop to ensure the alliance is successful?


Given our answers to these questions, how ready is our hotel to develop strategic alliances with businesses?

What steps can our hotel take to support and strengthen the capabilities of non-profits in our new alliance, such as providing board membership, volunteer opportunities, and resource planning?

Should our hotel invest in building the capacity of the nonprofit to form strategic alliances, or should we partner with an existing player in the local area?

If we begin developing multiple strategic alliances, how should we allocate our resouces to, the number or scope of alliance projects given our current hotel capacity?