Determine Benefits Your Hotel Might Seek in Alliances

Determine Benefits Your Hotel Might Seek in Alliances with Nonprofits

Successful alliances with nonprofits provide valuable benefits to hotels and their communities. Clarity about what benefits your hotel is seeking through alliances helps you focus on partners most likely to provide these benefits.

Begin by rating most highly those benefits that will further your hotel's goals and are most valued by its primary customers—those who stay in the hotel and benefit from its services. Also consider additional benefits to the hotel. Then specify the resources, recognition, and relationships your hotel should seek, and identify nonprofits that might provide them.

Read the following list of benefits that hotels receive in strategic alliances with nonprofits. Rate how important each type of benefit would be to your hotel. For those, you rate from half to full, briefly describe the specific benefits your hotel might seek (such as access to influential people, engage employee morale, and exposure to a better reputation), and indicate what types of nonprofits (or specific nonprofits) might provide them.

Benefits from NonProfit AlliancesImportance The nonprofit to might provide
Access to Potential Customers or Markets
Extensive communication or distribution systems
Organizational expertise
Programs and projects
Volunteer opportunities
Employee Engagement
Ability to provide recognition endorsements and rewards
Powerful mission
Strong presence
Fundraising and financial capacity
Facilities or equipment
Products for use or as incentives or giveaways
Staff and volunteer skills and expertise
Access to Potential Customers or Markets
Access to potential employees
Access to community leaders and influential people or organizations