Identify Assets and Capabilities Your Hotel Might Provide in Alliance

The assets and capabilities that a hotel might gain from a strategic alliance with nonprofits and community stakeholders is an the increased visibility and influence in the local community, Access to top talent, Increased employee engagement and Improved customer service and satisfaction. In exchange, The assets and capabilities your hotel might bring to an alliance with a nonprofit or community stakeholder include its physical space and resources, such as meeting and event space, hospitality services, and access to technical equipment. Your hotel may also have strong marketing and communications capabilities that can be used for fundraising or volunteer recruitment.

To prepare for developing effective alliances with non profits, identify the assets and capabilities your property possesses that may be valuable to a Nonprofit. By identifying what your hotel can provide alliance partners, you can also determine what types of nonprofts are most likely to value an alliance with your assets.

Read the following list of assets and capabilities(A&C) on which hotels build alliances with hotels. Briefly describe your organization’s assets and capabilities, and indicate the types of nonprofits (or specific stakeholders) that are likely to value them.

A&Capabilities of a HotelOur   A&C  NonProfits likely to align with our strategy
Flexible and affordable room rates
Meeting spaces with audio/visual capabilities
Catering services
Access to facilities such as pools, gyms, and spas
Ability to book large blocks of rooms
Discounted event space rental
Special event packages
On-site event staff
Wireless internet access
Ability to provide discounts to members
On-site printing and photocopying services
On-site parking or transportation services
Ability to set up online reservations
Access to hotel marketing materials
Ability to hold special fundraising events
Access to hotel concierge services
Ability to set up video conferencing
Ability to provide discounted spa services
Ability to provide discounted tickets to attractions
Ability to provide complimentary shuttle services