Why Illustrations Over Photography

Why Illustrations Over Photography

Posted by Hotels4Humanity on Jul 18th 2018

Illustrations are a much better way to describe the making of the Pacific Coast®premium pillows. Choosing a pillow online can be quite tricky as you can’t touch it, feel it or determine the level of softness for your comfort. The professionals at Pacific Coast® ensure that you get a well-deserved sleeping time after a hectic day at work. That's exactly why we prioritize the inner structure of the pillow through illustrations to help you choose the best pillows.

Each of our pillows has a story that a photograph cannot describe. The construction process requires your undivided attention for you to have an idea about it. Having a basic understanding of the construction process will help you decide which pillow to buy for yourself.

When looking for a suitable down pillow, every individual has their own preference. A common choice is a soft and a rectangular shaped pillow with the perfect support for the head. The pillow collection consists of uniquely designed inner-chamber pillows. These come in different shapes and styles explicitly made to suit your comfort demands. All the pillows come with squashy and supportive feathers, which add up to the comfort levels. The quantity of feathers varies in each pillow depending upon the firmness, softness and the support requirements of an individual.

Pacific Coast® Bedding has a vast experience of over 125 years in producing original designs in bedding accessories. Here are a few pillow types with their illustrations to help you choose your perfect pillow:

Single Inner Chamber

With more fluffy down and a firm inner core, this type is perfect for head support. If you are looking for an all down 

feature, this pillow is the ideal choice for you. The internal chamber keeps the feather filling in place making up comfortable neck support as well. The Grand Embrace ®- Pillow is an example of a pillow with one inner chamber.

Dual Inner Chamber

This type comes with two inner chambers with a typical design. The presence of two chambers further adds to the

neck and head support making it a worthy choice for you. Different layers of the feathers border the chambers to add to the firmness and  

softness of the pillow. The filling of the pillow is either of down or feathers depending upon your preferences. A feather filling is more suitable for a firm pillow while a down filling accommodates a softer pillow. Some of the pillows with dual inner chambers include the Slumber Core ® -All down Pillow and the Slumber Core ® Pillow.

Triple Inner Chamber

The pillow type consists of three chambers of feathers. The chambers keep the structure compact and maintain the softness of the pillow with ease. Two walls keep the three chambers in place for your maximum comfort especially when you move from side to side. Some examples of such pillow type are Tria® All down Pillow and the Side-by-Side Firm Pillow.

The Pillow in a Pillow

With a pillow inside a pillow filled with the highest quality feathers, the down makes up a worthy bedroom addition. Apart from the feathers, the design also supports the structure of the pillow. You can adjust the supporting levels by increasing or decreasing the quantity of feathers in the inner pillow. The structure of this type comprises a down filled pillow with a feather filled pillow. Both of these are adjustable for a firm support for your head and neck. Some examples include Hotel Touch of Down, Double DownAround® Soft, Medium, Firm, Down Around® and AllerRest®.

Side-By-Side Inner Pillow

The type contains an inner pillow with a baffle in the middle that makes up the side by side chambers. The chambers are there to ensure that the structure is adjustable to your movements especially while you are sleeping. The baffle 

wall keeps the filling in a position to avoid the unnecessary shift of the feathers. The pillow is mostly layered by down to provide the required fluffiness for your support. The Side By Side® Pillow is an example of the special design.

Baffle Box Inner Pillow

If you are looking for long-lasting firmness in a pillow, the baffle box inner design is the perfect choice for you. The presence of the baffles in the internal structure ensures an evenly spread filling. The distribution is in form of boxes formed by baffles for maximum support for your head. A down layer similar to other pillow designs then covers the internal structure adding to the comfort levels. The StayLoft Pillows are prime examples of the baffle box inner design.

Nook Inner Chamber

Like other designs, the Nook inner chamber construction also consists of a down layer. The inner chamber has a hollow space in the middle which is responsible for your neck and head support. If you are a back sleeper, the Nook Pillow is a good choice for you in this construction type.

The Traditional Mix Design

This type does not consist of an internal chamber. The filling can comprise of down, feathers or even a mix of both in a single piece. A redeeming quality about this type is that it can adjust to any of your sleeping positions with no difficulty. The type also allows you to decide the down and feather quantity so you can determine the harness and the fluffiness of the pillow. For instance, a feather pillow when compared to a down pillow will be more firm and less soft. There are numerous options for you to choose from in this category. Some of these include the Resilla Pillow, Prestige Pillows, and the Luxury down Pillows.

The pillow collection comes up with some classic style and designs which can give your bed a unique look. You should look for something which provides you the optimum level of comfort. A soft pillow with the perfect neck and head support makes up an undisturbed good night's sleep.

The Pacific Coast® Pillows come up with a 30 nigh comfort guarantee which indicates the quality of the production. If you are having trouble finding your perfect pillow, give this guide a read and you will find your pillow match.