Best Hookless Shower Curtain | A Buying Guide

Best Hookless Shower Curtain | A Buying Guide

Posted by Judson Uhre on Mar 16th 2019

Shower curtains are the first thing that guests look at when they enter a bathroom. And to ensure the best first impression, you need to buy the best quality curtains. The right hotel shower curtain can add to the aesthetic appeal of a room. For this, you should select the right design and type of curtain. In this blog post, we will inform you about one of the best type curtains for hotels – hookless shower curtains. You will know about the benefits of buying these curtains for hotels as well as some tips to buy the best one for bathrooms.

Hookless Shower Curtain

Hookless shower curtains are recommended for hotels. These curtains are easy to install and remove. This results in easy housekeeping. They save a lot of time of the employees.
Traditional hooked shower curtains are difficult to install. When you hang one side, sometimes the other one becomes unhooked. When you are reattaching the shower, two or three hooks may fall off.
A traditional hooked shower curtain takes about 10 minutes to install and remove. This is problematic in hotels where there are thousands of rooms. It will take employees hours to remove and then install shower curtains after cleaning.
Hookless shower curtains have flex on rings instead of hooks. The shower curtains with flex on rings installs directly onto the rod. There are no rings or hooks making it easy to install and remove the curtains.
Installing and removing a hookless shower curtain takes only a few seconds. This translates into less labor costs. The estimated labor cost savings in cleaning curtains for a 100-room hotel property is nearly $1,250 per year.
The cost savings makes shower curtains a worthy investment for hotels.

Hookless Shower Curtains Features

  • Snap in Liner
  • Flex on Rings
  • Easy to Install and Remove
  • Water Repellent Fabric
  • Hangs in seconds
  • Multiple Color Options
  • ADA Compliant

Tips to Buy the Best Hookless Hotel Shower Curtain

Make sure that you carefully select a hookless curtain for the hotel. Here are some effective tips to help you buy the best shower curtains.

Water Repellant Shower Curtain

You can find many different hookless shower curtains. You should buy hookless curtains that are water repellent. While these are more expensive, they are more hygienic, since they are resistant to mold formation. In addition, water repellent shower curtains prevent the formation of bacteria.
Purchasing a water repellent curtain is recommended for humid areas. Also, they are great for bathrooms that are not ventilated.

Hookless Shower Curtain Liner

The best hookless shower curtains have water proof snap in liner. The shower curtain liner and flex on rings makes installing and removing the curtain a snap.
You should measure the shower to find out the size of liner you should buy for the bathroom. The liner should fit the shower area and prevent water from escaping.The standard size for the shower liner is 70 by 72 inches. Some of the liners are extra-long. You can buy shower curtains with 72 by 84 inches and 144 by 72 inches liners.

Hookless Fabric Shower Curtain

Hookless curtains can be made of nylon or polyester fabric. Some come with waffle weave while others are plain.
Polyester fabric shower curtains are the best since they are less heavy making them easy to install and remove. Polyester fabric curtains are more durable as well resulting in great cost savings.
You can also buy shower curtains that are made of nylon fabric. Nylon fabric curtains are easy to clean as you can wipe it with a cloth or a sponge.

Curtain Fabric Color

You can select from a variety of shower fabric color. You can select a shower with an attractive color pallet providing a luxurious feel to the bathroom.
The color of the curtain should coordinate with the wall color. Select patterned curtains for a color coordinated look. The patterned color should contain a bit of the wall color. An exact color match is not important. You can select a curtain with a color that is of a similar shade – light or dark – as the wall.
You can also go for complementary colors to create a contrast. For instance, you can select an orange color curtain if the walls are blue. An ivory color curtain can complement white walls.

Review of the Top Shower Curtains

1. Focus Hookless Plain Weave Hotel Shower Curtain

Focus Product Group makes quality shower curtains. The shower curtains made are high quality providing great value for money.
The classic plain weave fabric can complement any type of bathroom. The snap in fabric and flex on rings makes it easy to install and remove the curtain.

Hookless Shower Curtain Embosse

2. Embossed Moiré White

also has a plain weave fabric creating a water effect tone. You can also opt for a curtain made of nylon. mbossed Moiré White is another great brand that offers a range of quality curtains for hotels. Moiré Polyester curtain  The curtain features a bottom ultrasonic hem and weighted corner magnets. The ultrasonic hem and magnets keep the curtains in place.


3. Englewood

Englewood hookless hotel curtains feature diamond patterns. The curtains are made of polyester and feature patented rings and magnetic corner. It also has a bottom ultrasonic hem that allows water to flow freely from bottom of curtain thereby reducing moisture.


4. Litchfield

Litchfield is one of the top selling curtains. The multiple rectangles create a good visual effect. This curtain also has weighted corner magnets. It has a varied yam structure that looks aesthetically pleasing

5. Walker

Walker curtains are known for durability and high quality. The curtains feature blue chevron patterns. They have coordinated flat flex on rings and weighted corner magnets. The snap in liner makes it easy to install and remove the curtain. The curtain is made of polyester with matching grey blue rings.

Major shower curtains are known for their classic look and durability. The curtain has a bubble textured vinyl window texture. This lets in extra light while keeping the privacy. The bottom ultrasonic hem prevents water spillage. Moreover, the magnets and snap in fabric makes it easy to install and remove the curtains when cleaning.

7. Mystery

Mystery curtains are made of polyester fabric. The curtains are 100 percent polyester. They have a coordinating poly voile translucent window.
The curtains also feature weighted corner magnets and flat matching rings. This curtain can perfectly complement a modern looking bathroom with white or ivory color walls. In addition, the curtain can provide great contrast with dark color walls.

8. Madison

Madison hookless hotel shower curtains have a rectangular pattern. The shower curtains are made of 100 percent polyester. The voile window lets in extra light and looks aesthetically pleasing.
The shower curtain features a snap-in liner. Moreover, it has coordinating flat flex on rings.

9. Escape

Escape hookless shower curtains have a plain weave with satin accent. The curtains have a coordinating poly voile translucent window.
The curtain features chrome-plated raised flex on rings and a snap in liner. This curtain looks deluxe and can look great in four and five-star hotels.

10. Illusion

Illusion hookless shower curtains are also great for hotel shower. The curtains have a plain weave fabric with matching ring. The translucent window gives a luxurious feel to the curtain.

11. Waves

You should select Waves shower curtain if you want something other than plain fabric. The polyester fabric is painted with black and grey print. The two color printed curtains look creative adding to the overall ambiance of the place.

12. Hudson

Hudson hookless shower curtains are premium quality curtains. The polyester fabric curtain has taupe block pattern with coordinating satin trim. The curtain has flex on rings and snap in replaceable liner.
This curtain is great for high end hotels. The printed color block pattern at the bottom adds a deluxe feel to the curtain.

13. Stratus Hookless Hotel Shower Curtain

Stratus hookless hotel shower curtain looks exquisite with wood grain jacquard weave. The curtain has matching translucent window for increased light. This polyester fabric curtain has snap in replaceable liner and flex on ring.
The above are the best curtains for a hotel shower area. You can also consider the following hookless shower curtains for the bathroom.

  • Hookless Hotel Shower Curtain Double H Polyester
  • Mini Waffle

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