Six Easy Steps to make a ‘Hotel Bed' at Home

Posted by on Aug 21st 2017

I love vacations; you love vacations. It is pretty clear that everyone loves to vacation. Some people bring back knickknacks and souvenirs. I bring back ideas, Hotels especially. Hotels love to have the latest furniture, latest painting, lighting and most all the latest up to date style of bedding. If you too, long for adding a bit luxury hotel comfort in your bedroom; you will find six simple steps created by the successful interior designer Blanche Garcia from the television show 'Hotel Impossible.' These actions are designed to make your dream bedroom come true!

We have put these six tricks into six simple steps for turning your boring at-home bed into a five-star hotel experience!

1. Keep it White (Mostly)

Every mattress store sells beautiful, vibrant bedding but if you want your bed to resemble that of a hotel, you want to keep it white. Most of the hotels in our country or abroad, especially the Five Star ones, keep their bed and bedding white. White is the symbol of elegance and aristocracy. White is the opposite of darkness and dullness. White can bring sudden changes to a typical boring bedroom. That is why; all the luxurious hotels keep their bedding theme white or something close to white like cream, off-white or golden. So, if you want to change your bedroom theme according to a hotel, you must keep it white mostly.

There is another bright side of using white as the primary color. You may not need to buy anything new, at least when it comes to pillowcases and sheets as most of us already have white sheets or pillowcases. Hotels typically use a sheet as the top layer of bedding, not a blanket or duvet.

However, If You would like a snap of color or personal touch, Then add a bed scarf or runner into the base of the bed or a few colorful pillows. There is exciting and innovative new collection of those at

2. Triple Sheet Layered

First, build your foundation, by using a flat sheet or fitted sheet for the bottom. Next, add your middle layer. Take the top of your sheet and align it with the mattress, because you are going to want everything to be even and to lay smooth. Next, you will add a down comforter for warmth. Place your favorite blanket over the middle sheet six inches below the top of the mattress. Now last you can use a decorative top sheet or a duvet cover as the final layer.

3. Use Pillow Protectors

Pillow protectors are easy to get and inexpensive. Moreover, they come in handy for all of us. It extends the life of your pillow and keeps your white pillow getting yellowish with time.

4. Leave No Loose Ends

Look carefully at the bed next time you check-in at your hotel. Not only are the corners of the bed tucked in, so is the pillowcase edges and everything else. No loose ends will resemble your bed to a luxury Five Star Hotel bedroom at first glance, and you will feel inside that your hard work is finally paying.

5. Iron Regularly

Yes, Iron. I admit ironing the sheets everyday or even every week is a painful and time killing process. However, the designer and planner of this “Hotel bed made easy " says that it is ok if you iron only when the guests come over. So instead of struggling with a heavy bedding, iron the bed. Also, use starch. It makes the bed look that much crisper. (If this is not an option you can also use a cotton/polyester blend this will allow sheets to lay flat with less work)

6. Use Efficient Lighting and Crafty Furniture

Another thing that makes a hotel room look so attractive is efficient lighting and beautiful matching little furniture. You can easily make your white themed bed brighter by using lights cleverly. LED lights or a small chandelier would be just perfect to do the job. Moreover, don't forget about the craftiness of furniture. Every furniture in a hotel room looks so crafty and matching to each other. As an example, you can use a table and 2 or 3 chairs around it, and they must come in the same colors. If your bed is white, golden colored table and chair would be gorgeous. However, don't bring too much furniture, leaving some space empty can give it a look cozy and luxurious.

Six easy steps applied. Take a look at your new bed. Ta-da! Doesn't it look like brand new comfortable luxury hotel bed? Moreover, your bedroom looks just like a five-star hotel room.

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Hope that was helpful. Happy makeover!