Reduce Your Hotel Maintenance Costs with Our Mattress Pads

Reduce Your Hotel Maintenance Costs with Our Mattress Pads

Posted by Hotels4Humanity on Jul 12th 2021

Reduce Your Hotel Maintenance Costs with Our Mattress Pads

Bedding is an essential feature of any hotel room. It is one way to set yourself apart from your competitors. It upholds a hotel’s promise to deliver the utmost comfort. 

For most hoteliers, ensuring guest comfort is non-negotiable. Hence, it’s important to invest in the right bedding essentials such as pillows, pillow protectors, bed sheets, and quilts, etc. 

Whether you have just stepped into the field or have been running a hotel for years, we understand the struggle of maintaining your old as well as new bedroom essentials. While most people focus on getting stuff that looks appealing, they often forget underlying features that pioneer comfort in the first place. One such feature is a mattress pad.

What Is a Mattress Pad?

Mattress pads are like fitted sheets that go over your mattress, but they accompany a padded layer to cover the area where you sleep. They also help keep your sheets in place. The reason why you need mattress pads, especially as hoteliers, is because they add a layer of luxury along with comfort to your mattress. This aspect of comfort becomes even more important as it’s something people do not find at home. 

Why Does Your Hotel Need It?

Apart from the aforementioned reasons, you need a mattress pad for more than just comfort and keeping your sheets in place. This is why at Hotels4Humanity, we encourage using high-quality material such as the three-layer waterproof mattress pad by Ganesh mills. Here is why it’s a must-have.

  • You may have guests with back problems or other health concerns, and they need additional support while sleeping.
  • There may be kids accompanying your guests, and if they’re not trained to use the bathroom, your bedsheets could see some serious damage during the night. However, having a mattress pad ensures that no form of leakage reaches the mattress.
  •  If your mattress is hard, guests may feel discomfort while sleeping. But adding a mattress pad can help soften it up.
  • Since it’s waterproof, it shields your mattress from any possible impact from a liquid.
  • It’s an economical choice as compared to other alternatives
  • Mattress protectors can get noisy as opposed to mattress pads that provide a more peaceful experience
  • You wish to make your bed comfortable without having to replace it since it’s getting old
  • It’s white quilted, giving your mattress a cool and clear appearance
  • It has a polyester top, which prevents the formation of flat spots or lumps 

What Are Some Additional Benefits of a Mattress Pad?

They are inexpensive

As a hotelier, if you get to the bottom of all the expenses you bear throughout the year, you may come across various maintenance costs. Some of them also include the cost of getting mattresses replaced due to factors such as age, dirt, and comfort, etc. By getting a mattress pad, you don’t only enhance your guests’ comfort but also reduce expenses you can spend on getting other valuable amenities. Moreover, by purchasing a mattress pad through Hotels4Humanity, you can come across even better deals.

They make your bed breathable.

Mattresses are exposed to body heat throughout the day and night. Having mattress pads makes the bed breathable to let out all the heat it has gathered and give a better experience to the next guest.

They are waterproof

Even though it has been discussed earlier, waterproof mattress pads do more than just protecting a mattress from urine. There are also other elements that can ruin your mattresses, such as accidental spills and sweat.

They protect your bed from unwanted visitors.

Unwanted visitors such as bed bugs and dust mites could ruin the entire experience of being in your hotel even if your service was top-notch. Guests are likely to remember the negatives more than the positives, especially when it comes to their good night’s sleep. Moreover, bed bugs or dust mites indicate a lack of hygiene which isn’t the feedback a hotelier wants to hear after spending their valuable bucks on maintenance each year.

They are easy to remove and wash.

The best part about purchasing mattress pads is that you can remove and wash them easily. On the other hand, washing an entire mattress is rather time-consuming, given that they don’t fit in a washing machine. To add more, they’re as easy to put back on as they are to remove.

They are long-lasting.

With little care and maintenance, our mattress pad can last for years. This means your mattress can last for even longer. Moreover, since they come at a reasonable price, it’s better to replace a mattress pad after some years than a mattress after every few months.

At Hotels4Humanity, we have a range of options for you to choose from when it comes to all the essentials you need in a hotel. From pillow covers and mattress pads to luggage carts and bathroom supplies, we have everything in place. You can trust our experience and expertise in providing the best for your hotel.