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How to Wash & Dry Feather or Down Hotel Pillows (how to add the syndication link)

How to Wash & Dry Feather or Down Hotel Pillows (how to add the syndication link)

Posted by on Sep 10th 2018

How to wash hotel feather pillows

Getting down and feather pillows to be fluffy as they were when you bought them is an easy thing to do. Even after you use them for a while, they fit inside any washing machine extremely easy, without the need to use force. That's especially important as you can cause damage to the machine which could cost you hundreds, or even thousands, depending on how expensive it is.

Besides the fact that synthetic pillows are pricey nowadays, they are nowhere near down or feather ones when it comes to comfort and durability. Many people are afraid of washing the synthetic pillows because of the fact that it can get damaged in the process, which results in throwing it away and buying another one. Gosse feathers and down feather pillows are much more comfortable and will, in fact, last a lot longer, which why paying a little bit more at first will save you money in the long run. Furthermore, you'll always sleep on a clean pillow, enjoying a beautiful scent of your choice.

Washing pillows can only be done properly if you completely rinse and dry them given that they are both thick and dense.

You might have noticed that your pillows tend to turn yellow, and the main reason for that is sweat. Even during the cold days, your body gets very warm, hence the increase in temperature, which ultimately causes you to sweat more. We sweat because the body needs to lower its temperature, and specific medical conditions, menopause and pregnancy are associated with increased body heat.

Natural oils, present particularly in the head area, can be yet another reason for a pillow to turn yellow over time.

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How to Wash and Dry Feather or Down Pillows

If you ever asked yourself "How do I wash a feather pillow?" It is extremely important that you understand how crucial both processes are. Washing your pillow without drying it should be avoided as it reduces the pillow's quality. Here's what you need to know about it,

Quantity - Never turn on the washing machine without putting at least two pillows inside of it. You want to keep the spin cycle balanced.

Water Temperature - Set the temperature to what you feel comfortable with, but be aware that hot water might cause shrinkage.

Speed - To drain as much moisture as possible from the pillows, set it to highest speeds

Rinse - Double down on the rinse process just to make sure that you removed all the soap

Soap - Use down or feather soaps without any additives

There are the key steps to washing your pillows properly, but you can always use non-chlorine bleach to whiten them up. On the other hand, one thing you don't want to use is fabric softener as it can reduce the fluffiness.

When it comes to drying, these are the things to pay attention to:

Temperature - Just like you did while washing the pillows, set it to any temperature, but low heat is recommended

Time - Depending on how good your machine is, it might take several cycles before they are completely dry

Odor or Clumping - In order to prevent mold, you want to get your pillows 100% dry before getting them out

Dry Test - Press your pillows really hard in between the cycles, because they might seem to be dry when you touch them softly, but chances are that it is still damp on the inside

To freshen the pillows, you can always use dryer sheets, but what's even more helpful is using dryer balls. If you don't have them, you might use clean tennis balls as well to speed up the process.

We have described the best way to clean feather pillows, but you can use this method for any other natural fill pillow as well.

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Feather Pillows VS Down Pillows

The ultimate down VS feather pillow war needs to settle down once and for all. Unless you're buying exclusive and more expensive versions, which only contain one of the two materials, you'll most likely going to get a pillow that's filled with both. It's best that you try them both and decide which one is more comfortable for you, as it is not something that can be generalized.

Are duck feather and down pillows good? Absolutely. As we said at the beginning, deciding to switch from even the best synthetic pillows to feather or down pillows might cost you a little bit more, but they will last for much longer.

Wash Your Pillows Regularly

Don't be afraid, it doesn't mean that you'll have to do it on a daily or weekly basis, but every three to six months would be ideal. Never wait more than half a year before thoroughly washing and drying your pillow, as it collects dander, body oils and dead skin cells.

If you do not have time to do it, you can always search for "pillow cleaning near me" in order to find someone who can do it for you. However, you can see how easy it is and how cleaning feather pillows doesn't take any expertise to be done.

Alright, but what about hotel pillows? You know how to care for feathers, but do hoteliers have the same knowledge? You can always check that, by taking off the pillow protector and judge by the color and smell. If there are no stains, bad smells or punctures, their hygiene is top notch. Every hotel guest should have the habit of doing this, as clean pillowcases are not enough.

As we said, sweating is the number one reason why your pillows turn yellow. That said, it goes without saying buying the best pillow protector for night sweats is a must. Keep in mind that you'll need to wash the case more often than the pillow, ranging from once a week to once a month at least.