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How to Splish Splash into the best hotel bath curtains!

Posted by Hotels4humanity on Aug 17th 2017

Hotel Shower Curtains

"A rub dub, just relaxin' in the tub thinkin' everythin' was alright", all of the sudden Slimy rotten shower curtain get stuck to my leg, "Ah yuck!"  Chances are this may have happen to you. OK, maybe not while listening Bobby Darin's Splish Splash Song. And yet, It is understandable that most people start looking for new shower curtains when they are becoming outdated, grimy and covered in hard water spots. Moreover, with all the different decorative elements in our modern lodging facilities, there are a few items that can do so much to bring elegance and class into a bathroom. Shower curtains are one of them.

 So today we are diving into the shower curtain world. We are digging up all the best knowledge and putting it into a 4-step process so that you can make the best and most valuable purchase within a budget.

  • Step 1.Hotel Shower Curtain Sizes
  • Step 2.Shower Curtain Fabric & Material
  • Step 3.Shower Curtain Rods and Bars
  • Step 4.Shower Curtain Hooks & Buckles

Step 1. Hotel Shower Curtain Sizes

Before you get super excited about your new shower curtain, grab a measuring tape. You will want to ensure that your purchase, is going to be a perfect fit. Additionally, getting the right length and width of the shower curtain will prevent a slippery floor or a mildewy hotel bath mat that's always getting soaked.

The Standard Shower Curtain sizes

Curtains for a tub shower are made to fit a standard tub of 60 inches. Most Shower curtain designs incorporate an additional 10 inches of width to ensure comfortable overlapping fit, and a complete look once pulled closed. Most hotel shower curtains for tubs have a width of 70 inches, and the shower curtain height is around 72 inches so that there is room at the bottom to keep the water from flowing out. So, the ideal hotel shower curtain size for a tub is usually around 70"W X 72"L. Whereas if your hotel has a walk-in shower is the general estimate that 34'W X 72"L will be accommodating.

How to measure your shower curtain

If you are uncertain of whether your shower curtain or your tub is a standard size? Measure the length of the curtain pole and include 12 inches. This extra length ensures that the curtain can reach the wall on either side while providing enough fabric to drape.

Step 2. Shower Curtain Fabric & Material

Manufacturers make most hotel shower curtains out of three different kinds of material vinyl, fabric, plastic. Fabric curtains for hotels come in a range of materials including Cotton Duck, Polyester Nylon, and a Polyester/Avora Blend, there are other, but these are the most cost effective & durable fabrics for their use.


[i]Cotton Duck is a type of the material. Sometimes it is also called as cotton canvas. The name is Cotton Duck, but it does not have anything to do with birds. The name originates from the Dutch word "doek," which refers to linen canvas. Cotton duck is a cumbersome and sturdy material that is also water resistant. The fabric though initially is quite stiff becomes less stiff when washed frequently, but it retains its durability. Because of this feature, cotton duck makes a good shower curtain.


While polyester is not perfect (it is plastic itself), polyester fabric liners are premium products to vinyl: because they lack PVCs which leak toxic gases, they also perform well, machine washable, and are inexpensive.


Avora® is permanently flame-resistant (FR) fabrics. Most hotels will have these shower curtains in a Poly/Avora FR Blend®. Avora products are the most commonly specified flame-resistant fabrics in the American hospitality contract market. Avora FR Blend Polyester is machine washable At 160 Degrees F


Shower curtain made of nylon is the other of just two "PVC-free" options on the market today. These showers curtains are quite durable and are machine washable. Because of the long molecular structure, the fabric forms an elastic and smooth material that resists dirt and other elements making it more durable than polyester. One drawback is nylon can become weak when wet. So, when treated with water & mildew repellant it becomes a superior option to many other materials.

Many hotels will purchase a liner made of a liter fabric placed in front of a heavier shower curtain simply for the added aesthetic appeal and extended lifecycle. What we found is that fabric curtains are usually machine washable & plastic, and vinyl curtains can be easily and quickly wiped clean by housekeeping. Cleaning the shower curtain in a hotel can save on labor, energy, and life of the shower curtains. So, we recommend hotels on a budget to purchase both for its simple utility.

Vinyl Shower Curtains & the Environmental Concern

[ii] Those who are environmentally concerned can find a viable alternative in the Vinyl world. This vinyl is a Polyethylene Vinyl Acetate (PEVA) a copolymer of Polyethylene and EVA is the Ultimate Alternative to hotels green initiative. A LEED approved green alternative, PEVA, offers all of the performance that all of our other vinyl products do. Not only is PEVA eco-friendly it is also soft, pliable, mildew resistant and biodegradable. This upgraded vinyl has no chlorine, no heavy metals, and is odor free, making this the best option to meet your green hotel requirements.

Vinyl Gauge

Many people care about how “thick” their shower curtain liner is. You can buy vinyl shower curtains in gauges, which indicates the thickness of the material. These gauges are in a number system. Most hotels will use anywhere from a four gauge the lightest and a ten gauge the heaviest. The rule of thumb is the thicker a shower liner is, the more durable and longer-lasting it will be. However, the thicker the lining, the heavier and less supple, making them more difficult for some users to install and move around their shower pole day after day. A 4-gauge shower curtain will most likely be used as a liner whereas a 5 to 10 will be an actual curtain.


5-6 Gauge: Is a balance of durability and affordability – considerable economic value!

7-8 Gauge: Extremely durable. Designed for heavy use

9-10 Gauge: The toughest, most reliable, long-lasting liners. Suitable for gyms, spas and high-use facilities.


You can translate the gauge into millimeters just by multiplying its value by .025. Therefore, an eight-gauge liner equals .2 mm thick.

STEP 3. Shower Curtain Rods and Bars


You want to make a positive statement in your bathroom, so to tie it all together, you will want to consider the shower curtain rod as well. We are reviewing three types of shower rods, tension bars, curved shower curtains and the new ultimate lighted shower bar.

Tension Bar:

Tile surrounds some bathtubs and showers, so a tension rod is great. The bar expands by twisting and affirms itself to the wall making it a good choice because you do not need to drill into the wall to install it.

Curved Shower Bar:

introduced in the early 2000s by Westin hotel chain, Curved Shower Rods became the next big thing and got rid of the icky feeling you accidentally touched the curtain causing it to slightly stick to your skin.

Ultimate Shower Bar and Ultimate Lighted Bar by Kartri.

With or Without lighting the Ultimate Shower Bar is approximately 5" outward. Each with 12 hooks/gliders that are engineered to slide freely and hang two curtains independently. These Hooks will also allow a feature of a hidden eyelet finish, which can be a customized option on the shower curtain.

STEP 4. Shower Curtain Hooks & Buckles


By this time, you have spent some time finding a shower curtain that is the right size, the right materials with the right bar and now it is perfect for you. Now it is time to finish the final touch which is to find the best ways to hang your shower curtain. You can hang your shower curtain a few types of hooks ways. Most of these hooks are by a roller ball, double-sided hooks, rings, clips, and the new buckle hooking system.


Fabric on shower curtains has holes so that rings can slide through and encircle the rod. You can choose plenty of different materials, and the prices fit into anyone's budget. Plastic rings are most cost effective, while metal rings are sleek and elegant. Recognize using different rings to hang both your shower curtain and liner. For rings that slide with ease consider a power glide also called RollerRing.


[1] Created in 1994 the RollerRing concept's design allows for a smooth shower curtain transition while the nickel or chrome plating withstands the elements in the bathroom setting over time and use.


The shape of an "S" or a "?" In the shower curtain world is a Hook. Like shower pole rings, hooks are available in many different finishes and materials. Hooks used for shower curtains (Rather than liners)

Double Sided Hooks also called an Open End

If you are interested in finding a cost-effective method to hang both your shower curtain and the shower liner? Consider Double Hooks. These directional hooks sit in addition to your shower pole, and bend down just like a bulbous “W” on both sides, enabling you to hang on the lining on the interior of the bathtub, and the drape on the exterior using exactly the very same hooks.

The Hookless Shower Curtain (also known as a Buckle or Ezy-Hang)

Haven't bought your shower curtain yet and are not interested in hooks or rollers? Think about the benefits of investing in a hookless curtain. Though the hookless is a catch phrase, it is essential to be aware that the device that occupies the shower curtain is a buckle. Sewn into the fabric the buckle permits the shower curtain to hang readily, and be removed for cleaning.


I hope that this information helps you in deciding how to purchase your hotel bathroom supplies. Please visit our website for all your hotel supply needs.