Hotel Bell Carts: What to Look For

Hotel Bell Carts: What to Look For

Posted by Judson Uhre on Jun 30th 2021

Hotel Bell Carts: What to Look For

The entrance of any hotel is often filled with the clamor of hotel bell carts being filled with and pushed by hotel bell-boys to their destination. Hotel bell carts are useful and convenient as they can often carry a huge amount of luggage to the guests’ hotel rooms in record time.

Hotel bell carts, sometimes called hotel luggage carts, are found in most big hotels. However, even if you're an owner of a smaller establishment, a bell cart can easily add that extra hip to your service that you so require.

Hotel bell carts are easy to use and efficient for getting luggage to the guest's room in one trip. They are not the first item one thinks of buying when sets up a hotel, but they are very important. It is also imperative that you buy hotel bell carts according to your requirement. There's a list of factors you would need to consider before investing in one. However, fortunately for you, we have compiled a list of what you should be looking for.

What is a hotel bell cart?

Before buying this item, you should know what it is. You have probably seen this every time you have visited a hotel. A hotel bell cart is a small vehicle made of metal and carpet used by a bellhop to transport the luggage of a hotel guest. There are two major types of hotel bell carts. One is for bigger luggage, and one is for smaller luggage. This distinction means that the bellhops can easily stack and remove your luggage from the bell cart. Furthermore, having two types of luggage carts also means that the luggage is less likely to fall over during transportation. The shape and size of hotel bell-carts are also such that they can easily fit in a hotel elevator. 

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What to look for in hotel bell carts?

It may not seem like you need to know a whole lot to buy a bell cart, but in actuality, there are quite a few factors you need to consider before making that final purchase. We recommend starting with gauging your property and seeing what kind of dimensions you're dealing with. This practice will help you to determine what size bell cart you want. Some of the other features are:

1) Size of the bell cart’s frame tubing

If you’re looking for a more durable cart, you need to look at one with thicker frame tubing. Furthermore, knowing the diameter of this frame tubing also helps you determine whether it would fit into your elevator and through your doors.

2) Shipping time

This may seem like a minute detail, but in the hospitality industry, timing is everything. You don't necessarily want to wait weeks and months for your hotel luggage carts to arrive. Make sure to ask for a timeline before you confirm your order so that you can get the bell cart in time.

3) Is it assembled?

An assembled luggage cart might be a little more expensive, but it will be usable when it gets to your establishment. Furthermore, you won't have to waste time by hiring someone to put it together. Additionally, if, per se, something goes wrong while assembling the cart, the company is not liable, and it's just an added pressure on the hotel.

4) Its size lengthwise

Hotel bell carts come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You have to pick one that suits your requirements. If the establishment you own is smaller in the area and entertains fewer guests, you might want to opt for a smaller bell cart; however, if you have large groups of people flocking to your facility, a larger cart with six wheels may be more suitable for you.

5) Bumper types and aesthetics

Hotel bell carts are pretty much structures of metal and carpet. This means the only thing you can control in terms of aesthetics is the color of the metal and the carpet. Look at the bell cart you're thinking about purchasing. Does it go with the theme of your lobby? Or is it starkly standing out in a way that makes you feel it doesn't truly belong? There are many finishes available for metal, like brass, so you have choices. Furthermore, you should also look at the bumper system used in the bell cart and ensure that it’s safe and acceptable to you.

6) Type of wheels

This feature may seem rather inconsequential, but the wheels are what make your bell carts move. You need to ensure that the bell carts you intend to buy have good quality wheel attachments. These wheels should also be functional regardless of the surface, i.e., they should work on concrete, carpets, and even wood. There are two main types of wheels, pneumatic and solid rubber. Solid rubber wheels can be used on more surfaces but can't handle bumps. At the same time, pneumatic wheels are best with hard surfaces but need to be monitored. So, ensure that you know what would work best for you. Moreover, some manufacturers also include extra wheels, so make sure to look out for those.

7) Price

The price of bell carts can vary with quality. If you require something of premium quality that is very durable, it is likely to cost you a pretty penny. However, if you're looking for a hotel luggage cart that you're aware will not be used excessively, then there are affordable options that you may choose from. These likely have thin tubing and are not made from the best quality of materials, but they will get your job done.

Final thoughts

Hotel bell carts are another amenity that makes your guest's experience convenient and better. Your duty as a hotelier is to ensure that the guests are being pampered at every step of the process, and bell carts are another way of doing that. Furthermore, they also make the job easier for your bellhops as their labor can be used elsewhere.

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