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How to Get the Best Discount on Hotel Supplies?

How to Get the Best Discount on Hotel Supplies?

Posted by Judson Uhre on Dec 31st 1969

As a hotelier or innkeeper, your goal is to provide the best quality customer services without sacrificing your own bottom line. One way to do this is to procure your hotel bedding and bathroom supplies on discounted prices reserved for bulk buyers.

In this blog, we will share 6 tips on how you can secure the best possible rates on all your hotel bedding and housekeeping supplies.  

1. Form Strategic Relationship with an Online Vendor

An essential component of getting discounts on hotel supplies is to form a strategic relationship with likeminded online suppliers. When looking for possible candidates, make sure to consider the suppliers’ marketing costs and the cost of acquiring a new hotel customer instead of catering to repeat orders that come from you. 
For many online suppliers, repeat business is their bread and butter and will go to great lengths to retain these high value customers. As their repeat customer, hotel suppliers will give you certain privileges reserved only for repeat business. Many marketers offer extremely lucrative benefits to their clients to ensure they keep buying. Take advantage of these marketing tactics. 

2. Find out the Actual Cost of All Products + Shipping + Taxes

Before you make an order from your wholesale supplier who claims to provide discounts, you should first obtain try to find out the true costs for all items put together (this includes shipping and taxes charged on the product). This is a relatively simple process.
First, put all your required products into their online shopping cart, add your shipping address along with essential relevant information. The hotel supplier’s website will automatically fetch applicable shipping and tax fees to give you a total cost. This will give you a very accurate estimate of your true cost savings should you continue buying from the same supplier.
Not only will this prevent you from being surprised by the costs, but it will give you the ability to bargain for reduced quoted rates. It is worth noting that some prices are fixed and non-negotiable. In this case, you should consider other factors such as the accessibility of reaching the sales rep and the convenience of using this particular supplier. 

3. Purchase in Bulk Quantities

Most hotel suppliers sell products on wholesale pricing. It pays to get an understanding of your lodging PAR to learn your exact yearly supply needs.
Hint: According to, PAR stock helps you determine the minimum amount of supplies needed to meet the day to day needs of your hotel operation. Finding the right number is crucial to maintaining smooth operational activity.

As an example, linen is usually 3 PAR. This means you need one PAR of linen on the bed, one PAR of linen in the washer, and one PAR of linen on your shelf. To get accurate quotes, make sure to let your supplier know about your PAR needs. This allows suppliers to understand your needs better so they can help you out. 

4. Buy one Brand and stick to it.

Once you’ve decided your minimum level of supplies needed and your supplier, it’s time to stick to one brand and stick to it. The best way to get bulk discounts is to make all your purchases from a single brand. This strategically reduces your hotel supplier’s shipping costs and enables them to palletize your order while passing the savings on to you. 

5. Single products vs. a wide variety of products

Some wholesale suppliers deal in certain unique products while others such as offer a wide range of products to choose from. Consider settling on hotel suppliers who can provide a wide range of products because they can offer a much bigger discount on their products.

Furthermore, since wide range suppliers also double as grocery stores, they can offer you the convenience of an all-in-one buying experience

6. Buy Online

By far the easiest way to maximize your savings is to purchase hotel supplies online instead of the usual way. It is far more accessible and can be done from the comforts of your home (you can even do this from your phone app). There is no need to call a sales representative during business hours to order goods, simply select your products, make the payments, and your products will get shipped to your hotel’s address. 

Summing it All Up

Online shopping can be a lucrative option for BnB and Inns to get the best possible value for their money. It also becomes easier to form a strategic partnership with your hospitality supplier to help pay for dividends in the long run.

Furthermore, online shopping makes it possible to research the total cost of all your hospitality items while giving you a bird’s eye view of your shipping and tax fees to calculate your total savings. To get the best possible value for your money, it is highly advisable to purchase in bulk quantities while sticking to just a few brands only. Let your PAR number be your guide when it comes to bulk shopping.

As a general rule of thumb, wholesale suppliers will always provide you a much better deal when compared to retail buyers.

Finally, it makes much more sense to procure all your hospitality supplies from an online vendor. Online shopping allows you to buy in bulk quantities to get you the best possible savings on hotel bedding and bathroom supplies. It also becomes more convenient for your own staff to order goods online compared to buying from a sales representative.

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