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HOTELS FOR HUMANITY® Starts Informative Blog called Hints4Hoteliers

HOTELS FOR HUMANITY® Starts Informative Blog called Hints4Hoteliers

Posted by on Feb 13th 2018

HOTELS FOR HUMANITY® blog "Hints4Hoteliers" offers an array of industry tips for hoteliers and lodging facility operators. Using its lifetime of hospitality experience to further a conversation that industry veterans & managers use to exchange information in a way that's entertaining and helpful. Hints4Hoteliers focuses on 3 key areas of distinction. 1st concerns hotel linen, towels, shampoo, shower curtains and variety of hotel supplies & case goods, 2nd We provide industry insight from the perspective of multigenerational lodging owners. Lastly, Hints4Hoteliers will showcase lodging facilities that offer an outstanding product to travelers..

HOTELS FOR HUMANITY® is an American hotel & lodging supply company that focuses on win-win bottom lines. As a leader in community involvement HOTELS FOR HUMANITY® is flexible and adapts to social & market changes keeping it relevant in the mind of its customers, vendors and community stakeholders.

You don’t have to be a hotel to purchase from us. We proudly service Air B&Bs, Guest houses, charities, schools, military installations, hospitals, nursing homes, government offices, correctional facilities, spas and gyms, and even directly to individuals anxious to save money without sacrificing quality. For more information visit