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Why Are US Hotels Replacing Bedspreads with Bed Scarves?

Why Are US Hotels Replacing Bedspreads with Bed Scarves?

Posted by Hotels4humanity on Feb 21st 2020

Bedrooms are at the heart of a hotel’s value proposition. Luxury hotels, in particular, need to pay extra attention to their bedrooms’ décor. It’s important to select a high-quality bedding product that will create the best impression on customers.

Bed scarves are the latest trend in the hospitality industry, and a lot of hotels are preferring them over bedspreads. But what’s so special about bed scarves? Why do hotels prefer bed scarves these days?

You will know the answers here in this blog post.

Bed Scarves: What’s So Special About Them?

Bed scarves improve the appearance of the bedrooms by adding a splash of texture and color to the bed. They are a great way to freshen up the bedroom decor. The bedding accessory is usually placed at the middle or foot of the bed. However, it can also be laid lavishly across the bed similar to a bedspread. The use of bed scarves has become popular in hotels since they offer aesthetic as well as functional benefits.

Improve Appearance

Placing bed scarves can give a stylish touch to a bedroom. The bed scarves are available in a wide variety of designs and colors. Dark-colored scarves provide a striking contrast with light-colored bed sheets. They can accent the décor of any bedroom by offering a unique flair.

Bed scarves provide more options as compared to bedspreads when it comes to improving the appearance of the bedroom. The unique stitching adds to the style and aesthetic of the bed scarves. They are available in different styles ranging from plain solids to stripes and prints. You can select a style that perfectly complements the interior décor of the room.

Functional Benefits

Apart from aesthetic benefits, bed scarves also offer functional benefits. They act as a protective covering for the bedsheet. Bed scarves can protect the bed from getting damaged or soiled when you put luggage on the bed or lie down with the shoes on.

Furthermore, bed scarves can keep the guests warm during chilly winter nights. There is no need to throw a quilt or bedspread over the bed. While a bedspread does offer some warmth, it is not as practical for cold weather as bed scarves.

Final Remarks

Whether you select a bedspread or a bed scarf, always choose a material that is durable and can be easily cleaned. You should select a product with a high thread count and eco-friendly fiberfill such as WestPoint Martex Rx bed scarves and bedspreads.

Buying high-quality bed accessories for your hotel is important as it will create a good impression on the customers. So, you should never compromise on quality when it comes to selecting a bedding product for your hotel.