How to find a "Good" hospitality supplier by hotels4humanity

How to find a "Good" hospitality supplier by hotels4humanity

Posted by Hotels4Humanity on May 8th 2022

Hoteliers want hotel supplies that can meet quality standards and price while also having a dependable service supplier. In this regard, it's wise for general managers to build long-term relationships with suppliers who consistently furnish helpful information, meet quality standards, and provide competitive prices. As the routine business of ordering, expediting, invoice processing, and payment get transacted, hotel managers will benefit from a supplier who participates in a "partnership." rather than one who fosters an adversarial relationship.

The "Good" Hotel Supplier

A good supplier is one with whom the operator can have a long-term relationship. Below are performance questions to ask yourself when choosing a supplier which will form the basis for a long-term relationship; include the following:

  • Does my supplier have the capability and commitment to ensure my products arrive at my property?
  • Does my supplier provide price changes to maintain a competitive wholesale price level?
  • Does my supplier understand the market my hotel operates in, and are they willing to meet this market's needs?
  • Does my supplier consistently provide good quality and quantity of bulk hotel supplies?
  • Does my supplier inform me of new or improved products that may be of value to my hospitality operation?
  • Does my supplier have an ongoing interest in improving the products and services provided to my lodging facility?
  • Is my supplier professional? It should be easy to follow up on problems, resolve difficulties that arise, and negotiate any concerns.

The interest of both you and your supplier gets achieved when a cooperative working relationship exists. If either party tries to take advantage of the other by engaging in an "I win, you lose" Strategy; then problems will be created. You can find more information about purchasing strategies in deciding which hotel supplier fits your operational needs here.