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Posted by Hotels4humanity on Jan 24th 2018

What separates a quality comforter from one of a lesser quality is the fill contained in the cluster. This article will help you to be able to know how to select a good comforter that matches your needs and your budget, and which allows you to enjoy your night rest.

Down vs. Down Alternative (Synthetic)

The tiny fluffy fibers or filaments which could be found under the feathers in the underbelly of geese, ducks or other water-fowls are called ‘Down’. Down comforters are renowned for trapping air and keeping a person warm. By means of their three-dimensional structure, down comforters are able to interlock with each other without difficulty. Also, they have a light-weight feature, allowing them to be able to loft and also trap air beneath their filaments despite the fact that air is denser than they are. It is this trapped air that is responsible for providing the body with warmth. It is worthy of note that there is virtually no distinction between the fibers present in ducks and the ones in geese. The level of comfort produced by the two is the same.

Synthetic comforters, which ar

e better called ‘Down Alternative Comforters’, produce similar warmth as the down comforters, and they also offer a similar durability. The only major difference is that while the down comforter is natural, the down alternative comforter makes use of artificial feather fibers from birds that down comforters do not make use of. They are usually produced from artificial materials like the polyesters or rayon. Some manufacturers could even make use of wool due to its ability of resisting allergens and dust. People who suffer from allergy would benefit from using down alternative comforters because of the process of manufacturing them. Some manufacturers could make them hypoallergenic to accommodate more users.

For people who live in climates that have very cold winters, you could get through the nights staying warm by means of down comforter sets. But do not be misled like most people have been misled that downs are actually a waste of money, and that they are completely made of feathers. This is not true, and you should not believe it. As explained earlier, down is made from the soft fibers under the feathers of waterfowls such as geese or ducks. It is these fibers underneath the feather of the fowls that keep them warm throughout cold periods, hence down comforters which are made from them could serve as very good insulators.

Another thing worthy of note is that the materials used for making downs are not the same. So when going out to purchase down comforter sets, you should expect goose downs to be much expensive than duck downs. The reason is because goose downs do not have as much odor as the duck downs have. This is why you will find out that many people prefer goose downs to duck downs. Not only do goose downs provide less odor, they last longer with little maintenance, insulate more, warm more, they are very breathable and lightweight too. But you will have to throw around extra cash to get a goose down since it costs more than a duck down.

Just as you would take good care of any blanket, so too, you would take good care of downs; downs need to be cleaned, but not daily. You will need to clean your down once in five years. You must have them taken out to be professionally cleaned. You do not want to wash them by yourself. If you do, you may succeed in breaking down the clusters inside and making them lose their insulating effect, especially if you wash them too often.

There are people who have allergies to downs, or vegans who will not consider owning a duck or goose down blanket. For these people, there are alternative down comforter sets for them. These down comforter sets are stuffed with artificial materials such as polyester and wool to provide the same insulating effect. It is important that you get alternative down comforter sets that are fully stuffed with materials so as to get the most insulation throughout the winter periods. The more the fill, the more insulating effect you will get to stay warm throughout the colder months. For the alternative down comforters, you do not need to get them professionally cleaned, and they are cheaper too.

Irrespective of whether you decide to go with down comforter or alternative down comforter sets, it is best to go with what can fit into your budget. Also, make sure you check out for the ones that have thread-count of 350 – 400. The prices will usually differ across different manufacturers and retailers, but if you know exactly what you want, you could get good value for your purchase. Bear in mind that the thicker it is, the more insulation it will offer. For people who live in less severely cold regions, they could still rock the thinner ones with lesser fill since they will not require more insulation.

Bear in mind that the exterior fabrics that are used for both down and down alternative comforters may be produced from cotton, silk, polyester, or synthetic blends. The actual materials that distinguish the two could be found inside, behind the exterior cover.

There are other things you have to consider too when purchasing either a down comforter or a down alternative comforter sets. Some of them include your desired level of warmth. While some people are cold sleepers, others are warm sleepers. Another thing that matters in your choice of a comforter is the climate and season. Comforters are produced for different climates and seasons to produce varying warmth effect. They range from light warmth to extra warmth for both the summer seasons and the winter seasons. A good comforter for all-year round is the medium warmth comforter. It is a good choice for almost any season throughout the year.