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Posted by Hotels4humanity on Jan 13th 2018

1888 Mills Green Threads Sheets | 100% Organic CottonDuvet coverstop sheetspillow cases, and fitted sheets are some of the choices from which you can select a Bed linen. People who are familiar with how to go about shopping for bed linens also know that there are different selections of fabric, colors, sizes, patterns, and styles of this linen.

With the growth of the online market in recent times, it doesn't matter if you are in search of budget linen or you are willing to go all out for luxury linen, you will find what you need. Making the right choice is an area where most people have difficulties. You can make it easier by learning a few factors to consider. The first thing you need to take care of is the measurement of the bed. This is one factor that cannot be compromised.

Sizes like king and queen are misleading.

When you go out to purchase a mattress, you end up with standard measurements like a king or queen size bed. The measurements of these beds may differ according to the manufacturer. This is why you need to take accurate measurements of the width and the thickness of your particular bed. If you purchase a sheet based on guesswork, you may get one which is designed for a mattress of lesser thickness which will keep coming off your bed. You should also give a few additional inches for tolerance. This is because some beds come with features like a pillow top while some bed linen may shrink with use.

Hints on Fitted Sheets

To prevent sheets from popping off the bed, they now come with elastic. The elastic comes in different styles and quality. In contrast to what you get from sheets with elastic at the corners or one side, you get the best results from a sheet with elastic on all sides. These types are sure to remain fitted on the bed.

There are lots of considerations which make the purchase of bed linen quite challenging. Some people pay a lot of attention to details when it comes to style. Questions that pop-up includes What color is best? What bed linen material has the best thread count and quality? What is the design of the bedroom and the décor? Does this fabric wrinkle? And many more. In this guide, we have given the most important tips on what you need to know when you set off to buy a bed linen.

Different fabrics of Bed Linen

The types of fabric available are the natural and the human-made fabrics. The natural fabrics as the name imply come directly from the environment without any additives like chemicals or fertilizers. They are environmentally friendly and are also known as organic materials. The organic fabrics offer better breathability and are less likely to trigger an allergic reaction. Examples are bamboo, cotton, flax, silk, and hemp. The only downside to natural fabrics is that they wrinkle easily. The human-made fabric includes materials like polyester which is quite popular. They are produced by combining a natural fabric with a synthetic. Some major advantages of the human-made fabric are their resistance to mildews and molds, and they also do not easily develop wrinkles.

Various Fabrics

  • Silk: This material is considered under the luxury category. Different designs and works can be done to make it appear more appealing. There are various patchwork, applique, and embroidery that are used in the design. This makes it give the appearance of royalty to your bedroom.
  • Cotton: This is suitable for anyone looking for something soft. All you need to do is to ensure you get 100% cotton and you can choose either Egyptian cotton or a Pima cotton.
  • Polyester: In a situation where you cannot find pure cotton, then you can pick a Polyester fabric as a replacement. It is produced through the combination of two fabrics or more. The blends of polyester include a cotton/polyester blend and a cotton/modal blend. These materials dry rapidly, and washing is also easy.
  • Satin: this fabric offers two contrasting properties. On one side, it is rough and anti-slip while on the other it is shiny and smooth which gives it a sheen quality. When making a pick, you should consider Quilted satin linen.
  • Flannel: A flannel material is best for the winter season. The fabric can be designed with ribbons and lace as a form of decoration. It is a soft and warm fabric.

Importance of Thread Count (t200 – t300)

The Thread count is the method through which the softness of a material is determined. It is usually on the pack of the fabric. Simply put, the higher the thread count of the fabric, the greater the softness. It is also important you understand that a piece of fabric with a high thread count is more sensitive as it will have lower durability. There are fabrics with thread count as low as 80 and as high as 800 or more. We advise you choose a fabric with a thread count between 200 and 300.

Hypoallergenic Property

This property has to do with the probability of a material serving as a trigger for an allergy. For example, synthetic bed linen is not suitable for those who are allergic to dust. Silk bed linens are great because they are hypoallergenic. You should also avoid bed linens which indicate that you should not iron. This is often a sign that there is a chemical coating on the linen.


Color is usually not a problem to find but making a choice from the varieties you see is the primary issue. When selecting a color, you need to consider the furniture, room decor, pillow cover styles, rugs, as well as curtain colors. Everything has to blend correctly. You should do a color mixing to get the best effect. As much as possible you need to avoid making a purchase of only loud colors. In the end, you need to know that your taste will play a vital role in your pick.

These are some of the few things you need to consider to select a bed linen. In addition to the style and the design, you also need to know about the fabrics, techniques, and finishes that are available for a luxury sheet as well as the fabric composition.