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When To Replace Your Pillows

When To Replace Your Pillows

Posted by Hotels4Humanity on Jul 17th 2018

It is not uncommon to find yourself feeling restless while trying to sleep. Such discomfort is often a result of 

improper support to your neck and head. You should start looking for a new pillow if you experience this discomfort 

a lot. A good quality pillow has a life that ranges between one and 10 years depending on the 

material used and might need replacing in the specified time.

Here are a few pointers for you to know when you need to replace your pillow:

Material’s Quality

The materials used are vital in determining the life expectancy of your pillows. Here are three common materials used for making pillows:

  • Artificial: the best way to know when the synthetic material of your pillow needs replacing is to first use it for a year or two. The quality and how you use the pillow can be the major contributing factors.
  • Down and Feather: one of the best things about this type is that you can clean them over time to make them look like new. Once the feathers stop plumping up, it is time to look for a replacement.
  • Foam: it can be quite tricky to know when to replace a foam pillow. In this case, the quality of the foam and the frequency of use can play a significant role. As you increase your use, the foam starts to get harder. If it gets too hard and stops providing the same level of comfort, it is time to replace it.

A Flat And Hard Pillow

Another easy way to know when to replace your pillow is by checking the evenness and the hardness of your pillow. Here are some material guidelines for your help:

  • Down and Feather: in this type, the first step to take is to place your pillow on a hard surface. After that, fold in as many halves as you can to squeeze out all the air present inside. The next step involves checking if the pillow easily returns to its original shape. If the pillow doesn’t meet these requirements, it is a clear sign that you will have to replace your pillow.
  • Synthetic: in case of a synthetic pillow, the first step to take is to fold the pillow as done in the case of down and feather pillows. Then you will have to place a smaller weight consisting of about 10oz on the folded pillow. This has to be done before releasing the folded pillow. If the pillow doesn't need replacing, it will counter the weight by throwing it away and will return to its original position. If the pillow has run out of its life, it will remain folded.

It is important that you clean your pillows properly by using different pillow protectors and covers. A proper maintenance procedure will ensure that your pillows last longer. If in case you are looking for the best replacements, Pacific Coast has a lot of variety in its pillow section for you to choose from.