What Today's Guest Expects to Find in Their Hotel Bathroom

What Today's Guest Expects to Find in Their Hotel Bathroom

Posted by Hotels4humanity on Oct 8th 2018

While it is perhaps not the most exciting area of the standard hotel room or hotel suite, the hotel bathroom is an important part of it. And while no traveler would really expect to find everything they have in their bathroom space at home in the bathroom in their hotel room, there are certain things that the modern traveler simply expects to find there, And the hotelier who ensures that their establishment meets - and ideally exceeds - those expectations - is one who should see a good return on their investments in the form of increased guest satisfaction.

So just what is the 21st-century traveler looking for in a hotel bathroom? Let's take a look at some of the essentials.

An Abundance of Amazing Towels

Whenever a guest steps into their hotel bathroom for the first time the one thing you can be sure they are looking for is a plentiful supply of towels. It's the rare person who makes use of just a single towel after a shower or bath and so it's only natural that a guest expects that their 'towel needs' - and those of anyone else sharing the room with them, will be met.

When it comes to the towels themselves guests expect them to be clean (of course), available in several different sizes (body, face, hands etc) and soft and fluffy, rather than thin or scratchy. A hotelier shopping for hotel bathroom supplies does have a budget to stick to though, so must balance the need for 'soft and fluffy' with the need not to break the bank.

A great choice? The Five Star Hotel Collection® from WestPoint Hospitality. 100% Ring spun, combed cotton loops provide plushness, enhance absorbency and give the towels elegant appearance. Easy to launder, they are available in several different sizes and color options, making stocking a hotel bathroom with just the right towels a breeze. 

Complimentary Toiletry Basics

Hotel guests simply expect that, even if they have brought along their own plentiful supply of toiletries that the hotel will also provide the basics - free of charge - in their hotel bathroom. And while they may not expect that these be of the most luxurious, salon quality standard they do expect them to be usable. So stocking up on (at least) soap, shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste and maybe even a scented body wash (which many guests will prefer to bar soap) should be a must for any hotelier.

The Little Extras That Make a Big Difference

The average hotel guest tends to value establishments that 'surprise them' with little extras during their stay. And the savvy hotelier will go that extra mile to do so, as the ROI on a small investment in additional hotel bathroom supplies in the form of improved reviews on Yelp!, TripAdvisor and the like alone will be significant.

What kinds of extras are we talking about when it comes to hotel bathroom supplies? A robe and slippers are always very much appreciated by both men and women and choosing options like the 1888 MILLS 100% cotton waffle robe allows hoteliers to supply high-quality robes to guests at an affordable price.

Also appreciated are small electronic appliances like hairdryers and even irons, especially by those who are traveling for business and need to look their best!

By making the extra investment in stocking your hotel bathrooms with the supplies guests want - and even expect - to see in such a space you will be helping to ensure a better experience for all of your guests, which can only lead to better results for you too.

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