What Hotel Room Accessories You Need  to Have

What Hotel Room Accessories You Need to Have

Posted by Hotels4Humanity on Jul 7th 2021

Hotel rooms are the perfect example of a home away from home. Due to this, hotel guests often want very specific accessories to be present in their rooms. If these hotel room accessories aren’t present or can’t be brought in by asking room service, it greatly hinders the experience that guests have at the hotel.

As time passes, many of these accessories have started to become expected so much so that not having them present in your hotel rooms is likely to depreciate your value with your guests. Amenities like welcome trays, hand dryer bag, kettles, and luggage racks have become normal to keep in hotel rooms for guests to utilize.

Hoteliers who are new to the industry often oversee these products because they don’t think they are of great significance. But in the hospitality industry, everything you introduce for the guest’s comfort is another way to set yourself apart.

What are hotel room accessories?

A hotel room accessory or amenity is any item that hotels provide to their guest and customers because it is desirable or useful to them. Different types of hotels provide different kinds of hotel accessories. Often, in hotels, the hotel room accessories also vary with the kind of hotel room the guest has rented. For example, a presidential suite in a hotel is likely to have different supplies than a normal suite. However, there are some basic items that the hotel provides to all its guests.

Why are they important?

The answer is pretty simple; hotel room accessories will make your guests feel at home. They are likely to think that the hotel genuinely cares for their well-being and will recommend it to their friends when the time comes. Furthermore, room accessories are also a way of personalizing the guests’ experience and making them feel pampered. Additionally, you can charge more for some hotel amenities like a mini-bar and thus are likely to profit off of it. 

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What hotel room accessories should you provide?

A hotel guest’s wants can be endless. It’s human nature. As a hotelier, you have your limitations in what you can provide, which is why we’ve assembled a list of what we think you should keep in your hotel rooms to give your guests that will have them coming back for more.

1) Kitchen Appliances

Your guests are very unlikely to be cooking complete meals on their vacation. However, some smaller appliances like a mini-fridge for water bottles and a kettle to make coffee is just what you need to provide to your guests to enable them to have a more comfortable stay at your hotel. In addition, having these appliances in your hotel rooms will lead to you having less cranky guests complaining to management about their lack of morning coffee.

2) Ashtrays, Coffee Trays, and Amenity Trays

These items are a must-have to have in any hotel room. An ashtray on a coffee table is standard procedure even if your premises have a no smoking indoors policy. Coffee trays and amenity trays add that extra level of sophistication to a hotel room and also help guests remain more functional when they have to entertain visitors in their room. For this type of item, you want to pick something big enough to carry multiple items, but it shouldn’t be too bulky or difficult to handle. Our recommendation is this black coffee tray which is super light and convenient.

3) Computer and Internet Access

It’s not an item per se, but it’s so important that this amenity be present for all your hotel rooms and guests. It may seem like a very minute detail, but many of your guests are likely on business trips, and being online is imperative to their stay. Also, ensure that the internet is from a good server that rarely crashes so you don’t have annoyed guests writing bad reviews about your hotel with patchy internet.

4) Personal Care Bags

With the global population having just gone through a pandemic, it is not a surprise that the definition of personal care kits has altered. And as we transition back into normal life, it is important to still proceed with caution. Personal care kits could include face masks, face shields, gloves, and bottles of sanitizer. This kit is a reminder to your guests to be careful and safeguard their health along with the health of the people around them. This act also attaches an extra level of care for your guests in their hotel rooms.

5) Writing Desk Supplies

These supplies are again some features that you would not think of immediately. However, they serve as a reminder to your customers that all their needs are being cared for. Moreover, you can put in extra effort and have articles like notepads and pens specifically monogrammed with your logo, meaning that wherever your guests go, they can have a memory of the hotel with them.

6) Dustbins and Ice Buckets

Dust bins are so important to have in hotel rooms and bathrooms. Your guests need to get rid of their waste, and thus you should provide one to your guests. An ice bucket can be requested by the guests when they wish to have drinks but again, having this already present in the room at all hours of the day makes it more convenient for the guests and you.

7) Amenity Bags

Your guests can use these for literally any reason. There are amenity bags for shoes, slippers, and newspapers. Many people need amenity bags when they have a flight and need to pack their shoes and slippers. They’re an extra item that makes their stay at your hotel easier and smooth. Some hotels also provide newspapers in amenity bags because it is more hygienic and safe given the current climate.

Final Thoughts

Accessories for hotel rooms are constantly being upgraded to accommodate the guests. It doesn’t mean you have to invest in everything to make sure your hotel is up to par. However, investing in the right products according to the desires of your guests is necessary. To find out more about hotel room accessories or buy products for your hotel, please visit us at