Wake up to the Sound of these Gorgeous Hotel Alarm Clocks!

Wake up to the Sound of these Gorgeous Hotel Alarm Clocks!

Posted by Hotels4humanity on Aug 19th 2021

If you feel like stealing accessories from hotels’ bedrooms, you are not alone. One hotel bedroom accessory we all live for is alarm clocks. If you want to give your bedroom a nice, fancy makeover, consider buying these hotel alarm clocks:

Table Top Alarm Clock

Tabletop alarm clocks are one of the classics! These traditional alarm clocks come in various designs and are designed to sit on a flat service. They don’t take up much space and give hotel rooms an old-fashioned yet classic vibe.

These hotel alarm clocks are generally small and don’t carry a lot of features. If you are not looking for extra features and need a clock with a loud sound to get you up in the morning, you should consider getting this one for your room.

Wall Alarm Clock

You must have seen alarm clocks mounted on the hotel’s walls. Those are what we call electronic wall alarm clocks. Tabletop clocks don’t take much space, but people who don’t prefer additional clutter on their tables should consider getting a wall alarm clock.

Electric Alarm Clock

Alarm clocks powered by electricity are one of the most common alarm clocks you will see in hotels. Electric hotel alarm clocks are a great option as long as you don’t lose power.

The best thing about electric clocks is that you don’t have to replace the battery or wind the clock. In most hotel rooms, you will find them right beside your bed, complementing the other accessories placed on the side table.

You can also check out wireless charging electric alarm clock from Hotels4Humanity.

Wind Up Alarm Clock

Most vintage-looking hotel rooms carry wind-up alarm clocks. This old-fashioned yet reliable and gorgeous alarm clock is what adds a style statement to the hotel room.

Wind up alarm clock’s mechanism is very reliable and easy to use as well. If you want to get it for your own house, keep in mind that it will work as long as you continue to wind it.

Faux Leather Alarm Clock

Can’t afford the leather alarm clock you saw on your last visit to a 5-star hotel? Don’t worry. Get a faux leather alarm clock instead. The sleek design of this leather clock is where our heart lies!

Waking up to the sound of this gorgeous faux leather alarm clock will feel amazing. If the style of genuine leather appeals to you, there’s no you wouldn’t fall in love with this one! It doesn’t age as original leather does, but it’s one of the main highlights of a hotel bedroom.

Metal Alarm Clock

Metal alarm clocks are easy to find, sturdy, and very vintage-looking. These are no doubt of the best hotel alarm clocks that you can get for your house. What’s better than getting an alarm clock that gives a trendy and vintage vibe, all at the same time?

This hotel alarm clock will last you a long time and wouldn’t break easily.

Digital Alarm Clock

You can never go wrong with a digital alarm clock. If you have trouble seeing rotating hands during the night, you should consider getting a digital alarm clock. From the digital display to the easy use, digital clocks are 10 out of 10!

The digits are large and clear, which makes it perfect for children who are learning how to read and people with weak eyesight. These alarm clocks come with a built-in night light that gently illuminates a dark room. The light is not too strong to distract your sleep and not too low to make it hard for you to read the time.

All in all, this is one of the best alarm clocks that make waking up easier.

Roman Numerals Alarm Clock

Vintage designs never go out of trend. One of the classic alarm clocks has to be the roman numerals alarm clock. If this doesn’t remind you of a haunted hotel, what else will?

Even if you don’t know how to read roman numbers, the overall finish and design of this clock will catch your attention.

How about you get a Roman Numerical decorative gear wall clock for your own bedroom as well?

Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

Hotel rooms contain wake up light alarm clock for people who prefer waking up gently. These alarm clocks mimic the sun rising, allowing you to wake up naturally without loud noise.

Resin Alarm Clock

Resin alarm clocks are trendy, modern, and gorgeous!

Recently decorated hotels now carry resin alarm clocks in their rooms. These clocks come in various shapes. If you want a pop of color, you will be happy to know that this hotel alarm clock takes color well, which doesn’t fade away.

Wooden Alarm Clock

For a designer, there’s nothing more relaxing than entering a hotel room and being surrounded by beautiful decorative pieces. Wooden alarm clocks look traditional and modern at the same time. They not only look great but feel sturdy too. From the natural wood finish to the wooden color, this hotel alarm clock is nowhere near a miss!

Most modern hotels carry pieces like these. If your bedroom has a similar vibe, you can get this one for yourself.

Wrapping Up

While looking for the best hotel alarm clock, make sure you bring the loudness, size of the clock, and design into consideration.

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If you are looking for a great variety of hotel alarm clocks, don’t forget to check out Hotels4Humanity