The Definitive Guide for Purchasing Beach Cover Towels for Your Hotel

The Definitive Guide for Purchasing Beach Cover Towels for Your Hotel

Posted by hotels4humanity on Aug 30th 2021

You may think that you don’t need to rely on a guide for purchasing beach cover towels for your hotel, but you should think again. There are plenty of misconceptions surrounding cover towels because people think they are like your ordinary bath towels. However, there are plenty of differences among them, the primary being that they are made from different materials.

You won’t believe the number of times someone has purchased the wrong beach cover towel thinking that it will do the same job. However, you need to consider that luxury cover towels are intricately made in terms of their appearance, function, form, and quality. They are also the ultimate summer accessory, and you will find them draped on lawn chairs and loungers near the poolside of your favorite hotel.

If you’re looking to purchase high-quality and luxurious beach cover towels for your hotel, you have come to the right place. At Hotels 4 Humanity, we offer the best lounge cover towels and bath cover towels that you will find in the industry. Our quality and prices are unmatched, which is why we are the best choice in the hospitality industry for beach cover towels. Here’s our definitive guide for purchasing beach cover towels for your hotel.

1.Get the Sizing Right

The main difference between a bath towel and a cover towel is the size, which matters a lot. When you place them side by side, you will quickly notice that a beach cover towel is considerably longer and wider than your standard towel. That’s an essential characteristic because you want the towel to cover your entire body and dry you completely as you lie on it.

The longer beach cover towel will not only cover the lounge chair but will ensure that you are completely drying off with the towel underneath you. All-day lounging and relaxing never felt better, and you will love the fact that these towels are incredibly soft as well. Therefore, you need to ensure that the beach cover towel you get for your hotel is the right size and will fit the lounge chairs perfectly.

2.Look at the Thickness

Your beach cover towel will go through plenty of wear and tear, which will be more than your traditional bath towel. It will be exposed to the sun, be stepped on, function as a tanning bed, and cover you like a blanket if the wind picks up and it gets chilly. The towel will also be exposed to chlorine and will repeatedly dry without being washed or rinsed thoroughly.

Therefore, it is not only natural that it will suffer damage. You want your beach cover towel to be fluffy, plush, and super absorbent, which is why they shouldn’t be as thick as your standard bath towels. However, you want them to be super strong so that they can withstand excessive wear and tear, which is where the materials, GSM, and weave come into the picture.

3.The Appearance of the Towel

Whether it’s the construction, the texture, or the color of your beach cover towel, you want it to complement the environment it will be placed in and used. For example, the swimming pool area will be bright and sunny and will provide the perfect backdrop to relax and unwind. Therefore, you want your beach cover towel to reflect that and provide people with rich prints and colors.

Most people do prefer to use plain white beach cover towels, but you must also look at people who are vacationing and little kids who may want colorful patterns on their towels. It’s essentially an experience that you will be providing through the towel, and when you have a beach cover towel for everyone, it will make for happier guests.

4.Choose the Best Material for Your Towel

You also need to seriously consider the material that is used for your beach cover towel. You don’t want to provide people with a towel that isn’t made from high-quality material. Choosing a particular blend or fabric over another is based on the pros and cons, but it depends on how good it makes the person feel. For instance, cotton is comfortable and soft but tends to stay wet for longer, and on the other hand, microfiber dries faster but doesn’t feel as comfortable or luxurious.

Even though there are so many options out there, picking one suitable for you mainly comes down to personal preference. However, you will not find a lack of options out there, and the best choice will depend on whether you are going with 100% cotton, Egyptian cotton, Turkish cotton, or you want a microfiber beach cover towel for your guests.

Our Final Thoughts

The type of beach cover towels you lay out on your loungers and lawn chairs for your guests will say a lot about your services and what kind of experience you want guests to have at your hotel. If you are a popular holiday resort or get tons of vacationers in your hotel, you would be wise to invest in a high-quality beach cover towel from Hotels 4 Humanity. They have a stellar reputation in the hospitality industry and have helped countless hotels get the best beach cover towels.

If you want to learn more about beach cover towels or want to go through the options available to you, visit Hotels 4 Humanity today. We have the best and most affordable selection of beach cover towels that you will find anywhere for your hotel.