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Sustainability: Green Hotels Are The Future

Sustainability: Green Hotels Are The Future

Posted by Hotels4Humanity on Mar 5th 2018

As more awareness about sustaining the world’s resources grows, guests are looking for environmentally-friendly hotels to book their stay. According to, whom released future travel predictions in 2016, hotels that sported a green approach was listed as the number 5 travel trend of the future. Hoteliers are keeping up with the trend. Big chain hotels such as Hilton have already promised to transform the way their hotels operate to be more in line with the green movement.

Altering the way your hotel operates may seem like a big step, but in today’s changing world, it is important to stay competitive. Although an adjustment at first, ecological practices will reduce future expenses, help preserve natural resources and attract a growing group of clientele.

Here are a few ways to cut back on waste while maintain comfort for your guests:

  1. Have your lodgers feel included. Your guests are a big part of the equation when it comes to conserving water and energy. If your guests are aware that you are an eco-friendly hotel then they will be much obliged to partake. Make all packaging, soaps, shampoo/conditioner and other room amenities eco-friendly products with labels that clearly indicate it’s so. Use biodegradable cups and containers in the room for coffee and other amenities you may offer. Remind your visitors on their room key, or on cute signs in the room about recycling, conserving water and reusing their linens. Keep facts handy for visitors at the check in desks about the methods of sustainability being done by the hotel and how they play a part
  2. Purchase state of the art energy efficient laundry machines. A big cost on hoteliers is the amount of water and energy spent on laundry services. Technology has greatly improved the water efficiency on washing machines and is a worthwhile investment in the long run.
  3. Use non-toxic, ecological friendly cleaning products and hotel supplies in place of the usual brands. Hotels4Humanity has a good selection of cleaning wipes , foam cleaners , detergents, toiletries, among other products. Although more expensive than your traditional products, environmentally conscious solutions reinforce your brand as a green hotel.
  4. Consider green bedding and accessories for your rooms. Ecological bedding and products are ensured that they were made ethically and from non-toxic material. Usually the product harvested to make sheets and fillings is full of noxious chemicals from a power plant. Sheets that come from an environmental source are gathered from organic farming.
  5. Modify the way you dispose of food. Food waste is a major problem for individuals and hotel businesses alike. If your hotel operates a question, consider using locally grown products and free range animals for ingredients on your menu. A lot more people are turning to consciously raised animal products and are vegetarian or vegan. Be aware that your average guest is likely to be one or all of those listed. A menu that provides dietary options will entice more clients. In addition, composting instead of throwing disregarded food not only saves you money but is very good for the environment.

In summary, there are a lot of things hoteliers can do to help the environment while maintaining a successful business. Hotels4Humanity is on board to pushing the green agenda and appealing to the growing clientele that look for that in their lodging choices. The future looks green and it is important to keep with the times!