​Rockin’ (manufacturing goods) in the U.S.A!

Posted by Hotels4humanity on Feb 27th 2018

As the song goes, “they come from the cities and they come from the smaller towns…” purchasing items made in America is the new conscionable trend going around especially in the hotel industry. It was not too long ago that many manufacturing goods including the ones you sleep on were made in China or Mexico as well as many other lodging items. Corporations caught on quick that customers wanted low prices for their goods, and sustaining higher wages while producing low price merchandise was not viable. For cheaper labor, industrial plants moved overseas to produce items that were once American made goods.

There has been a greater push from guests to buy local in recent years. In response there has been a larger influx of companies moving back to the US to do just that.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there was about a 25,000 job increase in the manufacturing sector in the US in 2017 alone. The spike in job creations in this field signifies that US based companies are coming back to establish their production in the homeland more than in previous years.

Of course, the problem of higher prices for hotel items remains. One of the factors for the change in venue for these industries is because countries such as China are beginning to raise their wages. The modification of employee wages abroad coupled with the growing number of support to bring manufacturing jobs back home, have many companies changing tactics. Technology is also another factor for the return of US companies to the motherland, as automated robots can produce the labor that was once conducted by humans. Statistics also show that the general public is willing to pay higher prices for fair labor practices and quality products.

This is great news for us! An American buying American made products is good for every aspect of the economy. Here at Hotels4Humanity, we believe in high quality bedding and accessories made in the USA at affordable prices. we represent manufactures like WestPoint, Martex, 1888 Mills and many more that have footprint here on American soil producing american jobs for everyone. 

Our site offers a variety of high quality products, including:

- Linens

- Comforters

- Box springs

- Pillow shams

- Pillows

- Pillow cases

- Sheets

- Blankets

- Bed skirts

- Mattresses

…and much more! Be sure to check out our website for more colors and sizes on the items listed above.

Have peace of mind in knowing that when you buy American you are ensuring jobs for your fellow Americans. It is good for the economy, relying on our production means less importing and more focus on local economies. It is also better for the environment; less fossil fuels are used in importing the goods from abroad. Here in the US we ensure that there is a minimum wage and employees have better work conditions than countries we outsource to. A stronger local economy also brings in investments that are then cycled into the American workforce, companies and infrastructure. Products made in the US are of higher quality and ensure longevity of your item in most cases. The likelihood of companies who move overseas coming back to the states is slim to none. Political red tape and cost prevent many companies from coming back, so preserving the companies that are here to stay goes a long way.

Next time you are shopping around for some home décor for you hotel room or your lodging organization, check out the label. If it is within your means try to buy American, the repercussions maybe grander than you think.