Keeping The Hotel Free from Bed Bugs

Keeping The Hotel Free from Bed Bugs

Posted by Hotels4Humanity on Sep 24th 2021

Hotel guests expect to have a luxurious and relaxing experience throughout their stay. This is especially true when it comes to bedding. They do not just expect the bed to be comfortable and clean but also free from any pests.

Bed bugs are one of the significant problems hotels have to deal with. Since guests come from all over the world, you have to ensure the rooms are inexplicably clean before they arrive and after they leave to prevent spread of these pesky pests.

These bed bugs can not just pose a risk to your guests and staff's health but can also jeopardize your hotel's reputation. Therefore, it is essential to be well-prepared to prevent this nuisance. There are multiple bed bug prevention supplies you can use to reduce the chances of an infestation.

Ways to Handle Bed Bugs in Your Hotel

Here are some valuable tips to help you prevent and manage bed bugs problems in your hotel:

1.Establish an Action Plan for Bed Bug Complains

You must have a preprepared action plan in case of bed bug issues. It is essential your staff knows what to do when any guest complains about bed bugs. With the right plan in place, you can handle the incident properly and avoid an infestation.

Incorrect handling can quickly turn into a nightmare as bed bugs can quickly spread throughout your hotel premises. Make sure you have a foolproof plan in place beforehand.

2.Train Your Staff

You rely on your staff to cater to your guests’ needs and ensure cleanliness in the hotel. Training your employees on bed bug prevention and handling a bed bug crisis is also integral as they can play a major role in bed bug prevention.

Start by educating your employees on what a bed bug is, what it looks like, and how to find it. They must also know the suitable measures to quickly implement if they spot bed bugs in any room. It is essential the staff is vigilant at all times and on a lookout for the following signs:

  • Rust or reddish colored stains, resembling dried blood on bed sheets or mattresses. This happens when the bed bugs have recently fed or were crushed while feeding.
  • Small eggs, eggshells, or skins cast of the nymphs on the beddings is another significant sign. The eggs are about 1 mm in size, and the skin casts are pale yellow or tan colored.
  • Small dark spots formed in a group that leaves behind a smear when wiped. These are a fecal matter of the bed bugs and are usually black or dark brown.
  • Oval-shaped, flat, and wingless bugs on the bedding. They are typically brownish colored but might look reddish, which means they recently fed. The nymphs, on the other hand, are smaller and paler than the adults (4-5 mm).

When your staff spots any of these signs, they must initiate the action plan you already have in place for such a situation.

3.Use Mattress Covers to Protect Mattresses

Hotels usually invest in wholesale mattress covers to protect the mattresses from spills and stains and encase these pesky pests. These covers can make it easier for your staff to spot bed bugs. Look for mattress covers that are specially designed for bed bug control.

Kiltronx bed bug control mattress topper is one of the best mattress cover available to help prevent a bed bug infestation.

4.Take Prevention Measures

If there have been bed bugs signs in any of your hotel rooms, be sure to take prevention measures immediately. It is crucial you prevent the spread of bed bugs throughout your hotel. Ignoring the bed bugs would make it challenging to eliminate pests as they can spread to hard-to-reach areas and spread quickly.

Seal the areas that are likely to get the infestation, and take measures to remove the infestations. In case the hotel is prone to bed bugs, it is wise to partner with exterminators to ensure your hotel stays bed bug-free.

5.Conduct Routine Inspections

Another effective way of preventing bed bugs is to inspect the furniture, walls, and bedding of your hotel regularly to spot any underlying infestation. This will ensure that a spread is prevented.

Bed bugs can breed in crevices and cracks of headboards and walls. They also hide in the curtain folds and seams of chairs and couches.

Ensure your staff conducts a thorough inspection of all mattresses, wall hangings, loose wallpapers, crown moldings, carpets, and even electrical appliances so that immediate actions can be taken.

Tips to Prevent Bed Bugs in Your Hotel

Here are some valuable tips to prevent the spread of bed bugs:

  • Clean the carpets and mattresses using a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to remove bed bugs and carefully dispose of them.
  • Seal any entryways, cracks, and holes to stop the pests from going in or getting out.
  • Use mattress covers in all rooms and always handle infested items with gloves to place them in sealed bags.
  • Use heat treatment to eliminate the bed bugs, like a hairdryer and whole-room treatments, to remove these pests from all areas.
  • Use pesticides in any affected area, but use them carefully and seal the area for a while to protect your guests and staff.

Bed bugs are indeed a nuisance to handle, which is why prevention is the best cure. Avoid ruining the experience of the guests by ensuring an action plan is prepared beforehand to manage the situation. Use these tips to prevent bed bugs and avoid an infestation if these pests are spotted.

Having a trained staff, regular inspections and a plan in place can go a long way in keeping your hotel free from bed bugs. Hotels4Humanity also has you covered in this area a collection of products designed specially to prevent and eliminate these pesky pests.