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1888 Mills Hotel BathrobeWhen you wake up in the morning or relaxing in the evening, a hotel bathrobe can be one of the best hotel experiences. What makes a bathrobe great is the feeling that is the custom made for you even if its not. This is why you need to make sure the material used in making the bathrobe and how you intend to use the bathrobe should be carefully considered. Bathrobes come in lots of choices for material, sizes, color, and design for both men and women. Another essential factor is the quality of the bathrobe as this is what determines the way the bathrobe will feel when you wear it on you.

The design of bathrobes will differ depending on if it is for a man or a woman. This means that no single design will be applicable to both genders. You can easily identify a bathrobe for men since they are usually plain, bigger, longer, and with simple colors. They also use materials which are heavy in the design. In contrast, a bathrobe for women is light, soft, and very colorful. This is in addition to the various designs that are available.

Most of the common bathrobes available make use of cotton. Cotton is also popularly used in making towels. This is because of its great absorbent capability. This makes it a good material for use in after-shower clothing like bathrobes. The texture is also nice on the skin.

There are other materials like the organic materials used in making bathrobes. This is another popular choice because they are cheaper than other materials like silk. With the increase in the concern for the environment, there are lots of people turning towards the use of the more eco-friendly natural organic robe.

There is another reason why purchasing bathrobes has become more fun. This is because you can get it personalized for free from the manufacturer. This makes it easier to purchase one as a birthday gift and make it more like you bought it for that special person.

There are also different styles that are in use for the design of robes. These styles are more in use to differentiate a  luxurious hotel rоbеѕ from the more common robes available. Additions such as the use of silk, adding a hood, shipping with a customized towel, and many more. This makes it more like you are getting a complete bathroom kit specially made for you rather than just a robe. If you get lucky, you may even buy from a company that will add pajamas to the mix.

Compared to the men, the ladies usually go for a personalized bathrobe. This is because they get the soft material they want and also avoid the use of materials that are heavy and cause irritation of the skin.

Seasonal Delights

There is always something to celebrate, and it could be a wedding, anniversary, or any other occasion. Having a bathrobe with a monogram to protect you from the winter air and cold nights s also great. Sending a personalized matching robe can be a great gift for newly wedded couples as they honeymoon. This will ensure that they don’t have to wake up to the cold winter mornings feeling all chilly.

Since most bathrobes are 100% cotton, this means that it is comfortable for use in the summer as it is in the winter seasons. The robes are also great for use after swimming especially for those who have a pool at home. Monogrammed robes can be used in any season and in addition to being personalized, they are also fun.


Shopping may often require you to make decisions on an impulse, but when you decide to shop for a bathrobe, there are lots of considerations before you can decide on the perfect choice. Answer questions like Do I need a common robe or a luxurious material? Will it be for a male or a female? Where and how will the robe be used? This can become tasking bit once you get the right choice, you will be glad you went through with this task.

What is the difference between a man and woman's bathrobe?

There are lots of similarities between bathrobes for men and those for women. The most significant disparity lies in the design and the style used in both. A men's robe is loose fitting with a broad shoulder area and longer length. The women's robe fits tightly with a narrow shoulder area. There are also bathrobes which you find in a women's spa and those which use the ballerina style. These robes are used when applying makeup or hair styling to prevent stains on clothing.

You can also find robes in a "оnеѕіzе fits all" unisex design. These robes are generally a loosely fitting design, and they come in various sizes. All you need to do is get the shoulder, chest, and height measurement. The unisex robes are especially useful for plus size. This is because they get a size that is comfortable and there is room for movement.

Fасtоrѕ tо Consider When selecting a Bathrobe

The factors you need to put in mind when selecting a bathrobe include the fabric of the robe, the length of the robe, and the purpose of the robe you want to purchase. This is necessary to meet your requirements for a bathrobe.

The first thing you need you need to identify as you begin your shopping is the purpose for which you are purchasing a bathrobe. A terry cotton robe is a good choice if you need the robe for after-shower purposes. They also fit this role due to the water absorption characteristics of the fabric.

The length of the robe also needs to be looked into. Depending on the season, there are differences in preferences. Longer robes find more use in the winter while short robes are preferred for summer periods. A lot of women also prefer the ballerina style because it is great for on-the-go situations and it is also suitable for use during makeup and hair fixing where you need something to quickly cover-up.

The fabric of the bathrobe is one of the most vital criteria in the selecting the most suitable. Bathrobe fabrics are chosen based on if they can absorb or resist moisture. Terry cotton, 100% cotton and a blend of cotton and polyester are some of the fabrics that absorb moisture. Most bathrobes use these materials to utilize this feature. There are also other materials which do not absorb moisture very well but have a great feeling of smoothness when worn. One of such is a cotton velour fabric. There are also luxury robes which are made from synthetic fаbrісѕ and they also dry and warm the body when used.