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How To Improve TripAdvisor Reviews and Increase Revenue

May 22nd 2018

Spanning several million destinations, TripAdvisor has over five hundred hotels and restaurants. Each month, over 390 million people directly book hotels through TripAdvisor. With a fast and effortless way of leaving ratings and reviews given to consumers, TripAdvisor ratings have the power to either greatly enhance or irreparable damage a hotels reputation. When a hotel has higher scores and better reviews, guests are more likely to book a reservation. TripAdvisor gives hotels a chance to build their reputation, however a negative online reputation can greatly impact bookings.

A hotels RevPAR increases by 1.4 percent for each point it’s ratings are improved. Each rating a hotel receives on TripAdvisor has a direct impact on its revenue. Additionally, a hotel can increase its prices by up to eleven percent without effecting bookings for each point its reputation improves on a five-point scale.

Ways to Ensure Positive Reviews

A visitor’s review starts the moment they walk into a hotel and doesn’t end until after check-out. It’s important to field queries and concerns as soon as possible, although a hotels character is demonstrated by each chosen word. A frequent guest should have their expectations exceeded each time they visit the establishment, and this can be done by having their preferences stored. Reviews and ratings can also be improved by the simple act of providing props for photos or recommending the best spots for photos to be taken.

Be Eager, But Not Too Eager

Responding to TripAdvisor reviews is a crucial step in improving a hotels rating, but only to a certain extent. A study done by Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration shows that a hotels revenue increases when management responds to online reviews. It’s also proven that returns decrease after a forty percent response rate. Additionally, going beyond forty percent may also have a negative impact on a hotels reputation. Remember to make most responses constructive to negative reviews rather than responding to the positive.

Encourage Guests to Leave Reviews on TripAdvisor

Asking visitors to post a review or leave a rating is possibly one of the easiest ways to gain reviews, although it’s important not to be too pushy. Consider having a tent card in the guest rooms or dining areas where they are easily accessible. Studies done by Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration also found that hotels with more positive reviews do better regarding pricing, occupancy, and revenue. Positive reviews are key when it comes to increasing bookings and revenue. Nearly forty-nine percent of all travelers won’t book reservations at a hotel that doesn’t have any online reviews or ratings.

Consider Hotels4Humanity

The most common complaints left by visitors on TripAdvisor are due to bad lighting, poor accommodations, or cleanliness. Each of these issues have a simple solution, and most needs of hotel developers can be met with Hotels4Humanity. With a wide variety of light fixtures, furniture, and accessories, most of Hotels4Humanity’s products come either standard or customized. Don’t forget that clean rooms are key to a successful hotel and positive online reviews as guests will post pictures of anything they find to be unsatisfactory during their stay. Make sure to ensure that the voice of each guest is well heard.

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