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How to Get the Best Discount on Hotel Supplies?

How to Get the Best Discount on Hotel Supplies?

Posted by Judson Uhre on Mar 20th 2019

As a hotelier or innkeeper, you want to get the best value hotel bedding and bathroom supplies for the best price and the highest quality customer services! In this blog post, we will share some tips on how you can negotiate to get the best rates on hotel bedding and housekeeping supplies.

1. Form Strategic Relationship

Another essential tip to get a discount on hotel supplies is to form a strategic relationship. When looking for alignment, consider the suppliers marketing costs and how much it cost for him to get a new hotel customer rather than merely fulfilling the repeat order you can offer him.

2. Find Out the Actual Costs of all Items + Shipping + Taxes

Before making an order from a wholesale supplier that provides discounts, you need to find out what the cost is for all items put together plus shipping plus taxes are on the product. To do this, first put all your required products into your online shopping cart, add your shipping address, and any other relevant information required. A hospitality supplier website will automatically fetch your shipping and tax fees and provide a total cost for you. This will give you an exact idea about how much you will save when buying from a supplier. It will also allow you to know how much you might be able to reduce the quoted rates further. However, some times if prices are set, you can then choose other factors that affect your purchase like the convenience and the accessibility of your sales rep to make sure you are completely taken care of.

3. Purchase in Bulk Quantities

Most Hotel Suppliers already sell products in cases with wholesale pricing. So understanding your lodging PAR will help you get an exact need for your yearly supply needs. (according to www.hospitality-school.comPar stock is a widely used term, which is the standard way to determine the minimum level of supplies to meet the daily demands of daily hotel operation. Proper application of par stock can ensure smooth functional activity.) Linen Par is usually 3-5 Par. That means you have one par of linen on the bed. One par of linen in the washer and one par of linen on your shelf. If your looking for a discount communicating your Par needs will help the supplier better understand your situation and help you out.

4. Buy one Brand and stick to it.

Consider making your purchase all one brand. This way, a hotel supplier can reduce their shipping costs by palletizing your order and passing the savings on to you.

5. Single products vs. a wide variety of products

Some wholesale vendors deal with a unique type of products, while others like offer a wide range of products to customers. When hotel suppliers provide a wide range of products, they can discount more on some products, and as a grocery store offer you the all in one experience convenience.

6. Buy Online

Buying hospitality supplies online is more accessible, as well. There is no need to visit call a sales rep during business hours to order goods. Just select products, make payments, and the products get shipped to the hotel’s address.

Summing it All Up

To get the best hotel supplies at the best price, with the highest customer service hotels, BnB and Inns should consider what can best help hotel suppliers save money.

Forming a strategic partnership with the hospitality supplier will help pay dividends in the long run. Researching the total cost of all your hospitality items and knowing your shipping and tax fees will result in a saving for you. Moreover, you should always purchase in bulk quantities using your par as a guide and use a few brands as possible to get discounts.

Wholesale hospitality suppliers will always give you a better deal as compared to buying from a retail supplier.

Lastly, it would be best if you always bought hospitality supplies online. Buying online in bulk quantities will get you maximum savings on hotel bedding and bathroom supplies. It will also be more convenient for your staff to make an order online as compared to buying from a sales rep.

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