How to Choose the Best Shower Curtains for Your Hotel Bathroom

How to Choose the Best Shower Curtains for Your Hotel Bathroom

Posted by Hotels4Humanity on Jul 15th 2021

The shower curtain is one of the main design pieces in your hotel room bathroom, which is why you must ensure that it stands out. You want to make an excellent impression on your guests, and they will notice the shower curtains hanging in the bathroom. Therefore, the type of shower curtain that you choose to hang in the bathroom will say a lot about your style and your standards.

Therefore, it makes sense to choose the best shower curtains for your hotel bathrooms, as it helps make a great impression and offers guests some comfort knowing they made the right choice to stay in your hotel. However, there are so many choices out there; we know it can be confusing to purchase the best shower curtains for your hotel bathrooms.

At Hotels 4 Humanity, we have been offering the best focus hookless shower curtains in the industry to hotel managers and owners. If you're not sure where you should start from, we have done the hard bit for you and have broken down some advice on shopping for and choosing the best shower curtains for your bathroom. Here's what you should know:

  1. Get the Right Material

  2. The first choice that many people have to make when choosing shower curtains is what material they should opt for, and the choices are split between vinyl or plastic. Naturally, they are the cheaper options, and even if they do get dirty, you won't feel bad about throwing them away. However, the only problem here is that plastic shower curtains look and feel cheap.

    Therefore, instead of going with a vinyl shower curtain, you should opt for a fabric one. You can select a style such as textured cotton, which will give your hotel bathroom the look and feel of a spa. The best part about fabric is that you can wash them and reuse the curtains even if it gets dirty. It's not only great for the environment but also helps save you a lot of money.

  3. Sizes of Shower Curtains

  4. The size of the shower curtains you choose for your hotel bathroom will depend on the size of the bathtub and the sort of appearance you are going with. There are three different measurements for shower curtains that you should know. These are:
    • 70 x 70 inches
    • 70 x 72 inches
    • 72 x 72 inches

    The dimensions for the standard shower curtain will generally fit a bathtub that is at least 60-inches. Most people prefer to have bigger shower curtains as it allows them to cover the bathtub completely and gives the curtain a better appearance at the same time. You can choose to purchase extra-wide or extra-long shower curtains depending on your shower or bathtub size.

  5. Selecting a Color Scheme

  6. To ensure that you are creating a luxurious environment in your hotel bathroom, you will want the shower curtains to match with the rest of your bathroom d├ęcor. When selecting your shower curtains, you should consider the style, pattern, and color so that you're not left regretting this decision later. The designs and colors of the shower curtain have an impact on human emotions, which is why you must get them right.

    For instance, if you want to create a tranquil space in your hotel bathroom, you should opt for blue shower curtains, and if you're going to create a zen-like environment in the bathroom, you should opt for neutral colors. You should also consider the size of the hotel bathroom when selecting a color scheme because some colors may make your bathroom appear smaller than it is.

  7. Choosing the Texture and Pattern

  8. Most hotels prefer using white hookless shower curtains in their hotel bathrooms because they can match any style. It also looks fresh and sophisticated, but some guests may find it too plain and boring. However, there is a way around that; if you have chosen white shower curtains, picking a bold and appealing pattern may help you. Even striping or a simple trim can visually interest people and turn a plain white shower curtain into an interesting one.

    You want the shower curtain to appear stylish but be functional at the same time. Therefore, look for textures and patterns that are machine-washable. That will allow you to reuse your shower curtains after a guest has checked out of their room.

  9. Shower Hookless Styles Vs. Curtain Rings

  10. Shower curtains come in numerous styles, and you can choose between hooks, curtain rings, or hookless shower curtains. If you want to carry a theme around your hotel bathroom, you will be best served to go with hooks and rings. The only problem here is that some hooks can easily slide off the curtain rod and cause a problem.

    The most popular hookless styles are the focus shower curtains, which give your hotel bathroom a sophisticated look. They not only glide easier on the shower curtain rod but provide your guests a feeling of comfort and luxury that they have been looking after. That is why focus hookless shower curtains are the best choice for your hotel bathroom.

    Our Final Thoughts

    When you're updating your hotel bathrooms, starting with the shower curtains is an excellent choice. Your guests will spend plenty of time in the bathroom, which is why you need to make it inviting by choosing patterns and colors of shower curtains that blend well. Once you've found the best shower curtain styles, the rest of your hotel bathroom will come together.

    If you want to learn more about focus hookless shower curtains and focus shower curtains, you should head over to Hotels 4 Humanity right now. They have been in the hospitality industry for a long time and have the finest collection of hookless shower curtains for hotel bathrooms.