Where can I get hotel bedding linen from?

Where can I get hotel bedding linen from?

Posted by Judson Uhre on Mar 7th 2019

Experienced hotel managers know the importance of selecting the right type of bedding. The best bedding creates an exceptional guest experience. A relaxing night spent at the hotel will encourage loyal customers to tell others about their pleasant experience.

So, what should hotel managers look for when selecting a hotel bedding supplier?

Here are five useful tips that can help you select the best bedding for your hotel.

1. Select the Right Fabric

The first and foremost consideration when selecting bedding for the hotel is the fabric.

Cotton bedsheets are soft and durable, and they give a comfortable feel.

Egyptian cotton is the finest, but it comes with a hefty price tag. In some cases, buying pure cotton bedsheets for the hotel may not be good for business.

You can also go for a polyester and cotton blend that is lightweight and less costly. Being lightweight, they are the ideal choice for areas with a hot and humid climate.

The fiber of a polyester/cotton blend is resistant to stretching and shrinking. The fabric is also resistant to sun rays. This makes it ideal for beds placed near the windows.

Another benefit of buying lightweight polyester/cotton blend fabric is that they are perfect for couples with small kids. Thick cotton blankets, pillows, and quilts, despite being soft, are not suitable for infants as they can block the airways leading to sleep-related suffocation.

In addition, bedding with polyester/cotton blend is not prone to wrinkling similar to cotton beddings. It is easy to make it appear to be the best choice for the bed.

Avoid velvet bed sheets for hotels. Velvet bedding will warm the body when sleeping, creating an uncomfortable sleeping experience.

Also, you should not go for silk bedding since they can’t be washed in the washing machine. Also, a lot of people don’t like the slippery feel of the silk fabric.

2. Inspect the Quality of Fibers

Another important factor when selecting a bed sheet is the quality of fibers. Make sure that the fibers of the fabric are long. This can make a big impact on the quality of the fiber.

Bed sheets with short fibers readily break over time, and this will result in reduced softness of the bedding.

Beddings with longer fibers are more resistant to tearing and piling. They are more durable than beddings with shorter fibers.

3. Look at the Thread Count

Thread count is the number of yarn fabrics per square inch. This should be a critical determining factor for hotel bedding.

Bed sheets with higher thread counts are soft, and they feel more luxurious. Consider buying a sheet with a thread count of 100 or higher. The more the thread count, the better is the quality of the bedding.

4. Pick the Right Bedsheet Color

Bedsheets come in different color options. Solid colors are popular, while sheets with patterns are also gaining favor among customers.

Some luxury bedsheets come with details such as hemstitching and double cording that add a touch of elegance to the sheets.

When buying patterned or colored fabrics, you should look for yarn dyed fabrics. These tend to retain color for longer, and they don’t fade even after being washed multiple times.

5. Select the Right Size

Lastly, you should select the right size sheets for the hotel. The size of the sheet you should buy depends on the bed size.

For a small single bed, you should buy a sheet of size 90x190 cm. The ideal sheet size for a double size bed is 140x190 cm. For a king-size bed, you should select a sheet that is 200x200 cm.

In conclusion, selecting high-quality bedding for a hotel requires going back to the basics. You should not play with numbers when it comes to selecting hotel bedding. You should look for quality instead of the price of the bedsheet.

Feel the fabric and ask about the thread count of the bed sheet. Touch and rub the fabric to experience the silkiness and softness of the fabric. Look at the color and luster of the bedding.

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