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How do I get this stain out? here are 10 ways

Posted by Hotels4humanity on Feb 17th 2018

Household products such as peroxide, ammonia, and dish soap can remove stains. At Hotels4humanity, we offer couple different products that use these items as there major ingredients and at a affordable cost. Sometimes stains take few applications before they are totally removed and we have provided a list of methods to make sure your using the right ingredients to get the job done correctly the 1st time. This way you can rest assure that whatever energy you spent in saving your hotel linen, bedding, towels or furniture will pay off in a lower supply bill. 

Below is a list of stains that housekeepers and innkeepers deal with on a daily basis. we have linked the correct cleaning solution to make sure you can easily get the products you need.

  1. Lipstick Stains: Use an ammonia based cleaner. spray ammonia over the lipstick stain whether its on the hotel sheet or anything else and then blotch and gently scrub. 
  2. How to get out Make upHydrogen peroxide wipes make an easy application. Blot the makeup stain (avoid rubbing) using the wet wipe. firmly press down and blot to lift as much of the makeup stain out of the hotel towel.
  3. What should I use for Blood stain removal? Blood stains are a tuff to remove. If the blood stain is new use soak the stain in cold water and then blotch as much up as possible. if the stain is still present  apply an Enzyme based detergent.
  4. How to remove coffee stains: apply a small amount of liquid detergent on to a green/yellow sponge slowly rub until stain is removed. 
  5. Chocolate: Grab your butter knife and space off  excess chocolate and vacuum. 2. pour hot water over stain and allow a towel to soak up the melted chocolate. 3rd. if stain is still present. mix a teaspoon of tide into a cup over water and blotch the stain.  
  6. One way to remove wine stain.  Grab a bowel and poor two cups of warm water into it. mix a tablespoon of white vinegar and one table spoon of dishwashing liquid. use a sponge to apply the solution directly on the stain.  
  7. Pizza Stains and other cooking oil greases.  mix 1 cup of water with a 4th cup of dishwashing liquid. dip cloth in the solution, then press on the stain and then pour the rest of the solution on the stain and let sit for 5 minutes. take a new rag and blot. and then place paper towels down and cover the stain and towels with a heavy object to suck out the rest of the grease. 
  8. I go got gum stuck stuck in my carpet!  Grab your hair dryer and get the gum hot, use a plastic bag to pick it up. if some gum residue remains use WD40 and a tooth brush to remove the rest. 
  9. Dog Urine:  soak the urine up with a towel. Next pour vinegar & water 50% each into bowl, pour the solution onto the stain and scrub into the carpet fiber.
  10. How to get out Tomato sauce stains: Mix peroxide and water and pour on to the stain. cover with towel and let it sit for 5 minutes. (test small area 1st)