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Hotels For Humanity Donates To ChildHelp Via eBay Giving Works

Hotels For Humanity Donates To ChildHelp Via eBay Giving Works

Posted by Judson Uhre on Jul 8th 2015

Hotels For Humanity will donate the proceeds from the sale of high quality, personal care items to ChildHelp (, a charity dedicated to the prevention of child abuse in the U.S. This donation results from items listed and sold on the eBay Giving Works site at

eBay Giving Works is a program that helps sellers list items on eBay to benefit nonprofit organizations. The program is administered by the PayPal Giving Fund, eBay’s nonprofit partner.

Childhelp is concerned with the physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs of abused, neglected and at-risk children. Their efforts are focused on advocacy, prevention, intervention, treatment and community outreach.

Judson Uhre the founder of Hotels For Humanity ( became eager to support ChildHelp after seeing firsthand a Children’s Placement Center catalyzed by ChildHelp.“Childhelp is a great force of enthusiasm” said Mr. Uhre. “This type of donation is in line with some of the values we have at Hotels For Humanity.”

“Hotels for Humanity” is not your average soap and shampoo “supplier”. Hotels for Humanity” is an American hotel supply company dedicated to providing outstanding service and care and simply wants to make the world a better place.