Hotel Linen Inventory Management

Hotel Linen Inventory Management

Posted by Judson Uhre on Aug 7th 2023

Hotel Linen Inventory Management Policy and Procedure


Efficient linen management is crucial to ensure smooth operations in the housekeeping department of a hotel. Maintaining an appropriate inventory level for various types of linens is essential to prevent shortages, minimize disruptions, and provide excellent guest experiences. This policy outlines the best standards for determining and maintaining linen inventory levels, considering factors such as laundry cycles, replacement needs, and emergencies.

1. Linen Inventory Levels:

The hotel will establish par numbers for linen inventories, representing the standard stock levels required to support housekeeping operations. These levels will ensure that linens are available for guestroom setups, replacements, and unforeseen emergencies.

2. Determining Par Numbers:

2.1 Laundry Cycle:

The hotel's laundry cycle is a primary consideration when setting linen par numbers. For properties with on-premises laundry operations, three par of linens will be maintained. This includes linens ready for use today, linens being laundered today, and linens to be stripped from rooms today for laundering tomorrow. Properties using outside commercial laundry services will add an extra par to cover transit times and potential service interruptions.

2.2 Replacement Needs:

Par numbers must also consider the replacement of worn, damaged, lost, or stolen linens. Executive housekeepers will base replacement levels on historical data, analyzing monthly, quarterly, or annual inventory reports. A guideline of storing one full par of new linens annually for replacements is recommended.

2.3 Emergency Stock:

To ensure smooth operations during emergencies like power failures or laundry equipment damage, the executive housekeeper should maintain one full par of linens in reserve.

3. Recommended Minimum Par Levels:

Considering the laundry cycle, replacement needs, and emergency stock, a minimum of five par of linen should be maintained annually. For properties using commercial laundry services, an additional sixth par should be added to account for transit times.

4. Sample Par Calculation:

Type of Linen Number of Beds Laundry Par Replacement Par Emergency Par Total Par
King-size Sheets 300 900 300 300 1500

Similar calculations need to be performed for every type of linen used in the hotel.

Disclaimer: This policy is provided as a general guideline and should be adapted to the specific needs and circumstances of each hotel. Management and housekeeping teams should regularly review and update the linen inventory management practices to ensure their effectiveness.