Hotel Bathroom and Pool Supplies can create new Branding Opportunities?

Hotel Bathroom and Pool Supplies can create new Branding Opportunities?

Posted by Judson Uhre on Jul 4th 2017

How to Select the Right Hotel The world wide web is the source for leisure and business travel planning. According to recent research from Deloitte, nine out of ten people planning a vacation conducted research before making their plans and two-thirds conducted study online.

Hotel Bathroom Supplies

Skift, a travel research firm asserts that 38 websites are visited by travelers before booking a holiday. Here are just two touch-points. Consumer behaviors that are changing are transforming the travel industry at a quick pace. Travelers need a more authentic experience, connecting with the folks and their environment at their destination. 

Reviewers are commenting on towel grade. At the survey, 31 percent of respondents said they would write a review if they did not enjoy the towels. Moreover, 52 of the respondents stated that they have written a negative review due to bad towel quality.

  1. Online Company Website -- Pictures of delicate, fluff towels in rooms, from the pool, at the spa, and also on the shore accompanied by duplicate touting accessibility, cleanliness and heat.
  2. Social Media -- Establish a towel effort, using top quality photographs, featuring individuals with your towels, an increasingly attractive in room screen and plenty of towels easily accessible from the pool attendant.
  3. At Room Expertise -- make sure that the room is stocked with towels and also that they're clean and smelling fresh. Put them so that they may be a focus in the restroom together with information as it relates to chemical and water usage about your sustainability program.
  4. Spa Experience -- For most hotel properties, the spa is a signature touch-point. Offering luxury spa therapies and carrying branded goods strengthen the brand but the experience isn't complete in case the towels don't match up.
  5. Pool/Beach Experience -- After taking a fast dip or unwinding by the pool or on the beach, guests need quick and effortless access to towels. Towels ought to be plentiful and readily offered.

Online User Reviews - One third of our survey the respondents said they would write a negative review on an online website if they weren't satisfied with the towels. Remind guests and then ask them to write favorable reviews.

Hoteliers should think about rethinking the function of towels and linens . Towels are a relatively unexplored touch stage in the consumer journey, which might be actually a mental tipping point turning a customer into a guest. 

The results of the survey illustrate that travelers attention quite a bit they use during hotel visits. Towels are touch-point opportunities to reinforce your brand and therefore are an emotional tipping point from the customer journey. 

There is a recent survey conducted by Xeros discovered that towels are an essential factor in the guest experience and also that guests are often providing comment on the cleanliness of the towels in online reviews. Because of this, travelers are looking to reserve alternative lodging. With the rise of Airbnb and VRBO, the sharing and lease businesses and the hotel sector have been colliding and they are currently competing for the same customers. Whereas consumers aren't quite sure what they're getting until they arrive in rental or their Airbnb hotel brands are consistent with their offerings and services. Cleanliness and the quality of this linens provided here is where hotels can get an edge in the sharing economy and play a significant role. 

In this recent survey, Towels Matter, 73 percent of the respondents believe that the caliber of your towels will likely affect their choice to come back to your resort brand for future excursions, while 84% believe towel quality affects brand recognition. The quality of the towels influence client satisfaction, brand perception, as well as customer loyalty.