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Historical perspective of Hotel Alarm Clocks Part 1: The Historical Event that Shaped Hotel Wake-up Calls Forever

Historical perspective of Hotel Alarm Clocks Part 1: The Historical Event that Shaped Hotel Wake-up Calls Forever

Posted by Hotels4humanity on May 31st 2023

Welcome, hoteliers! Today, we're taking a journey back in time to explore a fascinating historical event that forever changed the way we wake up in hotels. Our story takes us to ancient Egypt, circa 1340 B.C., where the Luxor Suites Hotel and the unfortunate Memhotep come into play.

In 1340 B.C., the Luxor Suites Hotel was a bustling establishment catering to travelers from far and wide. However, it was on a fateful day that the desk clerk of the hotel failed to rouse Alexandrian grain merchant Memhotep from his slumber. As a result, Memhotep, who had an important meeting with the grand vizier to Pharaoh Thott III named Rekmos, was late for the rendezvous.

The meticulous grand vizier, Rekmos, was known for his high expectations and a low tolerance for tardiness. Upon learning of Memhotep's delay, Rekmos expressed his displeasure in a rather extreme manner. Memhotep was subjected to a punishment befitting the grand vizier's anger—he was forced to eat dung beetles while being suspended upside down over a pool of Nile crocodiles.

The trauma inflicted upon Memhotep had long-lasting effects. He developed a persistent twitch and a morbid fear of dung beetles, impacting his daily life. As Memhotep's life drew to a close, he found himself incessantly inquiring about the time, a lingering consequence of his disastrous encounter.

Despite the tragic events surrounding Memhotep, his son Shephotep recognized an opportunity in his father's suffering. Determined to avoid the same fate, Shephotep began carrying caged roosters with him on business trips. These roosters served as his personal alarm clocks, ensuring he would never miss an important meeting again.

As word spread of Shephotep's ingenious solution, innkeepers keen on providing the best services for their guests took note. They began offering rooms equipped with caged roosters, or "bedside cocks" as they came to be known, at premium prices. This new amenity not only provided guests with a reliable wake-up call but also became a symbol of luxury and punctuality in the hospitality industry.

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The historical event surrounding Memhotep's untimely awakening not only showcases the influence of ancient Egypt but also highlights the impact of unforeseen circumstances on the evolution of hospitality practices. Today, as hoteliers, we have the opportunity to learn from the past and provide our guests with the utmost comfort and convenience. So, let's honor the legacy of Shephotep and embrace the modern wake-up call technologies available to us. Visit today and elevate your guests' experience to new heights!