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Duvet, Coverlet or Comforter?

Duvet, Coverlet or Comforter?

Posted by Hotels4Humanity on Mar 6th 2018

When it comes to bedsheets, nothing is more important for a hotelier than to ensure maximum comfort and appeasement for guests. There is a variety of ways to dress a bed and different types of sheets to use as well. One of the important choices is selecting a type of bed cover. It may have once been straight forward, but now there are a variety of picks on what type of bed cover to have. Hotels4Humanity looks at the difference and purpose of the duvet, coverlet and comforter to help you decide which is best for your hotel rooms.

There are two factors to mark off before choosing a bed spread. 

  1. Thickness
  2. Decoration and texture

Is it the winter time and you need a heavier cover? Do you want to match the rustic look in the room? Although you can find a duvet, coverlet and comforter of almost all colors and fabrics, thickness and insulation, some are more suited for one category than the other.

The Comforter:

The comforter is the classic bedspread. It can vary in thickness depending on how much padding and layers are stitched together. The patterns and colors are dyed onto the material beforehand. Comforters usually come in a set with other sheets and pillows which allow for easier decoration. The internal padding is a synthetic mixture although there are down and feather comforters on the market. The best part about a comforter is in its name, the comfort. The length usually reaches down below the box spring and can be tucked in if desired. Comforters usually do not have texture, such as that of a quilt, and have a smoother appearance. Although not quite a like a quilt, comforters can be sewn in a manner that imitates one at a cheaper price and ease of washing. The Martex Rx has a fabulous line of comforters varying in patterns and solids.

The Duvet:

If you are looking for a 2 in 1 type deal, the duvet may be the best option for your hotel beds. The duvet and the duvet cover can be used as both the top sheet and the bed cover. Duvets have a fluffy, soft feeling and are made out of wool, cotton or polyester. They are more light and airy than comforters so consider that for the colder months. Although the duvet can be used as a standalone in the bed, hoteliers usually line the bed with another sheet. If one chooses to go without it does save on washing and buying sheets. Because of the fluffy and smooth quality of the duvet it adds a romantic touch to a room trimmed in silver and/or against textured pillows. Be mindful that the length is shorter than that of a comforter and thus many need a bed skirt or longer sheet underneath if one wants the bottom half covered.1888 Mills and Westpoint sport some beautifully looking duvets that come in a pack to save you money. Hotels4humanity carries other brands as well like Phoenix Down and Atlantic Mills that have some great colors to choose from.

The Coverlet:

Traditionally, coverlets have not been used as standalone bedspread. Coverlets have usually been used as a decorative cover at the foot of the bed or on top of the bed spread. They are light weight and can be folded easily to create a layered look. Recent trends have reversed that with coupling coverlets with duvets or allowing them to stand alone. Like the comforter, it usually comes with matching shams for a simplified matching look. Martex RX and Westpoint also have a great line of coverlets with different patterns and colors to fit the style you are achieving.

Keeping in mind the two factors listed earlier, choosing a bed cover from the three different types above does not have to be a complicated matter. If you are going for a sleek look to go with your hotel’s moto, perhaps try a duvet covered with a coverlet that matches your hotel’s color scheme. If your location is in a place that experiences more cold than warm temperatures, give your guests the comfort and warmth of a comforter. A sure way to please your guests and simplify the dress of the bed for your staff is have easy to wash and changeable sheets. Preferably also use sheets and covers that compliments your goal as a hotelier.