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Coverlets as the essential focal point

Coverlets as the essential focal point

Posted by Hotels4humanity on Dec 23rd 2017

Driving east for hours on a dark road (Route 229) in Ohio, searching with increasing desperation I need a place to rest for the night. Checking each exit since 9 p.m. But all my favorite hotels from The Wallhouse to Mount Vernon Grand had been booked full. Now it was past 11. I bit my numb fingernails anxiously on the tips of my mouth. Gizmo, my eight-year-old dog, whimpers in the back seat yearning for a a tree or fire hydrant; I first encountered Gizmo as a small poodle mix in the back alley having a barking war with the two Pitbull’s across the way. His fur brownish yellow and heavily matted. Feeling sorry for the poor pup, I wondered how long he had been out here? Where did his owner go? Well, that’s another story now. I rescued him, and he's part of the family. Today his old coat shimmers like snow filled with love and care. Gizmo barks “what is it, boy?” I look out the window to my right, it’s the Pacer Inn & Suites. “Vacancy” “Good find Gizmo!” patting his proud head, I flip a U-turn and Pull into the driveway, getting out my car the hotel door dingles as I walk in. The night auditor quickly books me in “how about 112 Sir?” “Sure” I say. He pulls out a map of the small hotel and directs me to the room. 112 I keep repeating to myself as I follow his directions counting the hotel rooms 110 111 112 "Perfect". Opening the door a beautiful coverlet fills the room and directs all my attention. Gizmo barks in agreement. You see we are writers, Gizmo’s not a writer he’s a dog, but Gizmo thinks he can write so I just play along. We write about hotel goods and services and this Coverlet is f****** amazing!

The соvеrlеtѕ аrе ѕееn in vаrіеd design раttеrnѕ

Bed coverlets have become the craze of today. Their demand has increased to a great extent both in homes and the hotel industry and they are now a major focal point. They comprise a vast range of bed linens like bed coverlets, bed sheets, duvets, bed covers, pillow cases etc. when they are supplied as bedding sets and each of these items would have symmetrical designs that complement each other. Individual coverlets are also available but when you decide to go for this, you have to be careful about picking the one that would rhyme with other bed sets and the room's decor.
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What are coverlets and how are they good for your hotel?

If you're the type that always feel cold, you'd prefer a heavy comforter but it's light covering all the way for those who are prone to sweating, they'd likely find a coverlet more preferable. If you don't know what a coverlet is, here's a brief background information about it.

Coverlet can be defined as "a bed covering or a bedspread." They can be woven or quilted in varying kinds of patterns and styles. They are usually decorative and lightweight. Most times, a coverlet is spread on top of the standard bedding so that the bed can be more attractive. Even though people make use of them everyday, most people prefer using them in rooms reserved for guests. A thin layer of cotton that bats in between the upper layer and lower layer of cloth is used to sew the quilted ones. Many people like doing the quilting themselves so as to have a unique design. However, know that if you don't have a quilting experience, quilting would be a difficult task for you and consume a large amount of your time.

Silk, linen or wool are often the material used to make the woven ones. The woven ones come in various symmetrical or geometrical designs and in different colors.

You can either buy the coverlet individually or buy what is referred to as "a set". Usually, you get a better price when you buy it as a set but if its only purpose for you would be as a cover up, then you should probably buy the cover only. It comes in sets that comprises of pillow shams and a bed skirt. It's not a bad idea to use it as a decor or in a guest room.

Whether your new coverlet set is a woven one or a quilted one, you're bound to find it satisfactory.


If you were asked what would make your stay in a hotel amazing, you'd probably mention in a beat, WiFi access or breakfast served hot. Those are good but what about other apparent things like privacy, cleanliness and a good hotel bed? As long as the hotel you're lodging in is a good one, you'd definitely find coverlet beds. This would help you fall asleep within seconds and also help you have a better sleep.

Good hotels usually have coverlet beds, although these beds could be sometimes expensive. Hotels understand perfectly well that the possibility of you patronizing them.a second time rests on how good your night sleep was.

Getting a decent bed doesn't mean you have to spend plenty cash; you will spend of course but not so much. The price of a queen sized coverlet bed is not more than a few hundred dollars but you won't be comfortable in it. There are wonderful coverlet beds in good hotels but be prepared to drop a good sum of money for the splendid night of sleep you would experience.

It was at the Crown Plaza that i had the opportunity of sleeping on the best coverlet bed ever. The price of the room was dear but I and my friend splitter it. It was a double room and I arrived around 2 AM. I was so exhausted that I just threw my tired self on the bed, I woke up four hours later and found myself lying in the same position still. I didn't move an inch because I was very comfortable. It felt like my sleep lasted for eight hours when it was not more than half that time. I can't say that I've had a good sleep like that since then and I'm yet to find any coverlet bed as good as that. Although, there's been some I've slept on that were quite good.

If you happen to find that kind of coverlet bed that makes you sleep real good and you would love to have a sleep like that at home, speak with the hotel manager. They won't put any of their beds on sale for you(not like you'd even want a used bed) but they are in the best position to direct you to the manufacturer and suggest a model of bed. The price they bought the bed might not be available for you, so they might not tell you the price they bought it but you can make more enquiriesthat would enable you to go shop for that hotel bed by yourself.

If the exact hotel bed you want is not available in the store, you could look for how to make an online purchase. Although, due to the high cost of shipping, this is not always the best option but when the bed you want is not available in nearby stores, this could be the only option. Well, you could pay no mind to the high cost of shipping and buy the bed anyway if the night sleep you had on that hotel bed really got you hooked. A great part of our time is spent sleeping so if the money is there and the love for the bed is there, then go ahead and make that investment--a wise one it would turn out to be.