Choose a Hotel Luggage Rack

Choose a Hotel Luggage Rack

Posted by hotels for humanity on Jul 8th 2021

Hotels are rebranding and modifying themselves at a rapid state. The hospitality industry right now is constantly looking for ways to innovate themselves and become more relevant. You can put your hotel on the radar by ensuring that the products at your hotel maintain a degree of quality that others might not have. A product to invest in to align with this plan is a hotel luggage rack.

Now, this might not look like much a product at first sight, but anyone traveling with a heavy suitcase will thank you immensely for placing this item in their hotel room. It is maybe untoward to assume that the people staying in your hotel are traveling light and thus, having hotel luggage racks is the easiest way to assist them with their luggage without hovering in their room or by their door.

What Is a Hotel Luggage Rack?

A hotel luggage rack or a hotel suitcase stand is a holder for a guest’s luggage that helps them unpack. A hotel luggage rack enables guests to easily unpack their bags without moving their suitcases constantly about. It is available in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and in all sorts of materials.

Why Should You Have a Luggage Rack in a Hotel Room?

A luggage rack is a saving grace for anyone but especially for elder people and people with back problems. Guests can't keep lifting their suitcases a hundred times over. It is arduous, painful, and cumbersome. For the most part, a good luggage rack will accommodate any luggage, and its presence in the room will give guests a reason to put their luggage in a proper place instead of on the bed or elsewhere in the room. In doing so, the luggage rack brings more structure to the room, which the guests are very likely to appreciate. Furthermore, it will keep things off of the floor and acts as an elevated storage space for your guest.

What to Look for in a Hotel Luggage Rack?

There are many different types of luggage racks to sift through. This item is an amenity that many if not all hotels provide now, which is why there's a vast variety of them to choose from. Before doing so, however, you must have an idea of the kind of guests that visit your establishment and the purpose you desire to bring with the presence of a luggage rack once you have decided that you will need to look at the following things.

1) Size

A standard luggage rack generally works for most luggage; however, if you have a smaller hotel room, you would need to go for something smaller. Smaller racks run the risk of not handling a lot of weight, so make sure that you thoroughly support them.

2) Is It Foldable?

Foldable racks are a better option than the ones that aren’t. It brings more choice to the guests as they can opt to use luggage racks or fold them and keep them away as necessary. Foldable luggage racks also bring more clarity in the space of a room and are generally preferred.

3) Does It Come With A Wall Guard?

A wall guard on a luggage rack will enable guests to unpack easily. The wall guard protects both the suitcase and the wall, so no harm comes to either in case of collision. Wall guards also help to secure the luggage in place, so it doesn't move around. Having a wall guard is an additional detail that will serve you better in the long run.

4) The Stand


Luggage racks are often made of two main materials, i.e., the material of the stand and some woven fabric wrapped around the stand. Metal luggage racks are super affordable and good for holstering any luggage. However, they can sometimes look cheap and might rust easily if they're not cared for properly. So metal racks can sometimes be less sustainable, and if you're trying to give your guests an ambiance of luxury, the metal hotel luggage racks might not cut it.


If you want to make the hotel room more refined, opt instead for a wooden luggage rack. It is more sustainable and can be polished if some wear and tear occur. Wooden luggage racks are also sturdier and blend in with the neutrality of a hotel room. Moreover, if you're hesitant about the weight of the luggage racks as wood can be heavier. You could instead choose a lighter wood like bamboo to make the luggage rack more portable.

5) The Straps

Given that luggage racks are the only main materials, the straps matter as much as the stand. If you're looking for something more affordable, velcro works just as fine. However, the look is a little cheaper and might not be as durable as some other materials. For a more chic look, you might go for leather straps that can bear the weight of the luggage without fraying or tearing.

6) Aesthetics

The luggage rack you choose does depend on the kind of aesthetic you wish to impart. Functionality matters immensely, but when putting together a hotel room, the aesthetics of a piece are just as important. So before buying a luggage rack, look at the wall of the rooms and observe the room in its entirety. Will the rack blend seamlessly, or will it stick out like a sore thumb?

Final Thoughts

A guest may not think twice about a hotel luggage rack, but you need to ensure that you are. Everything in a hotel represents its service and hospitality, and hotel luggage racks are no different. Thus, you should make sure to pick these wisely.

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