Posted by Judson Uhre on Jun 27th 2017

Residing in the digital era means travelers have significantly more opportunity (and interruptions) than ever before. How do you attract their attention when they're making plans? It is easy. Just learn how to leverage the technologies they're already using. Get started by going social network.


  1. Show Off Your Rooms Posting photos of the rooms and grounds is among the most popular, and most important, ways to leverage social networking. It allows potential guests to find out what you need to provide prior to making the commitment to reserve at your own venue. If they could see a photo and picture an ideal stay, then your chances of securing a booking have just skyrocketed. Consider this: If you don't show off some recent photographs, your potential guests might assume you've got something to hide. So get snapping.
  2. Implement a powerful Booking system Take a cue from  Sirvoy made for a midsized hotel to an Airbnb style property and is on a flat fee & commission free platform. This technology makes it possible for guests to book a hotel room with all major booking channels, such as,,,, Hostelworld, HotelSpecials, TripAdvisor Instant Booking and Google Hotel Ads. Its affordable & brilliant! Sounds like the perfect partner for your hotels bottom line.

  3. Discover Your Guests Opinions It is only a simple fact of the industry; maybe not every review you see is going to be positive. You can't please everyone. The fantastic news: Being active on trip advisor and other social platforms means you may find out about those negative reviews before your future guests do. At a bit of a controversial stand, hotel ace and host of Travel Channel's Hotel Impossible, Anthony Melchiorri, warns against reacting to negative comments on social. Rather, digest the information gathered from societal media and handle the problem more personally. In laymen's terms. If a hotel guest says your “ hotel bedding is dated” or “You don’t have adequate hotel bathroom supplies”. Having the right amount of up to date hospitality supplies for your property will most likely equal you being better off because of it.

The fantastic thing about the age we live in is that with each of the tools modern technology provides to hoteliers, simply having a little bit of knowledge can open up windows of opportunity that never existed previously. 

Do you have any suggestions on methods that social media can benefit the resort market? Tell us in the comment box below!