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Posted by Hotels4humanity on Jan 17th 2018

Martex Hotel Vellux BlanketThis is the best time to go hunting for your hotel blanket is in summer or even fall when winter is fast approaching. If you want to keep your body warm during the winter, you could add a fleece or cotton blanket to your bed at night. Of course, it's during summer that many people use cotton blankets but the fact is, compared to a comforter or quilt, you will get more warmth and less weight by layering more than one blanket.It's possible, of course, that there are heaters in our homes but what happens when the head of the home decides to set the heat to suit him? We still get cold. The smart thing to do in this case, would be to put on additional clothing or get a suitable blanket in order to keep warm.

Winter blankets are made with either 100% fleece or cotton and there are variety of colors for you to choose from. The best way to make your bedroom more colorful during the bleak winter months is by using two to three blankets of different shades. Take for instance, folding back a white cotton blanket over a blue fleece blanket, appealing right? While the edge of off white will look like a trim, the predominant color will be blue and you will still get an additional warmth.

We've heard that layering our clothing is the best way to retain warmth, same goes for our beds. Your body will get get more warmth when you add a few lightweight blankets over each other. You could just remove the top blanket if you feel too warm. When you use a lot of lightweight blankets during winter, your body's retention of heat will be regulated and you will have comfortable nights.

Caring for a Vellux blanket fleece blanket or cotton blankets is not a difficult task. To maintain the color and shape, wash them in cold water. Bleach, especially chlorine bleach, should never come in contact with these blankets. Always dry them using the lowest temperature.

Any of these blankets are suitable for children's bedrooms. They won't show wear even as they are easy to wash. And you can clean up the blanket in less than two hours should a little accident occur causing a spill instead of taking it to the laundromat and paying through your nose to get a dry cleaning.

Those people that find warm beds exciting would know the worth of an electric blanket. You can purchase one online or in stores. Before making an online purchase, you should browse various online stores in search of the best deal. When you go to the stores for the blanket, you won't have to pay for shipping and the blanket is there for you to see plainly.

Some blankets do a better job of keeping you warm at night than some other blankets. Here's what you should know when looking for blankets that will keep you warm in the best way possible.

Blankets that can keep your body warm come in various styles, brands and designs. Depending on your level of comfort, you will find various kinds of blankets that you can use in many homes. We use lighter blankets during summer period in my hime and heavier blankets during winter. Another great option that you can add to your bed for warmth is an electric blanket. Honestly though, I think the best thing is to have a good number of different blankets in your house, especially if it's a big house with a lot of friends and family.

You should put into consideration the kind of material that was used in making the blankets when you go in search of blankets for your home. There are two major categories of fabric: synthetic and natural.

The most comfortable fabric, in my opinion, are the natural fiber blankets. Of course, they will be more expensive because they are made of authentic material that are more durable. They are available in either wool, cotton or down materials. Materials like these are easy to wash, breathable and durable.

It might not be that easy to wash the down material but they do a very good job in keeping you warm because they are made using materials gotten underneath the feathers of geese and ducks.

There are those who prefer blankets made with synthetic materials because they are cheaper, hypoallergenic and also soft. The only bad side they have is that they are not as breathable or as durable as the other categories.


Shop wisely and pick the blanket that's most suitable for you and your family. check online for packages of blankets and special prices that are available in sets. It might come as a surprise to you that you could get the best blanket online without even stepping out of your home.

You would find electric blankets of various sizes, styles and designs available on sale. Various materials like down, flannel and cotton are used in making them. These blankets can be used all through the year and they are also perfect for winter months; they can help ease variety of health conditions like sinus problems, allergies, headaches, head colds, and muscle and joint pains.

Sealy, Sunbeam and Beautyrest are names of the top brands of electric blankets in the market. They come with manuals that would tell you how long they'd last before shutting off automatically; ensure you read it up for safety reasons. When you strictly abide to the instructions, you'd be out of harm's way.

Seasons and temperatures are not stable, this makes choosing the best method of storing blankets challenging. It's wise to store your blanket in the perfect spot as summer takes over from winter. It should be kept in an environment that's free of dust, bugs and is well moisturized.