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Posted by Hotels4humanity on Jan 24th 2018

Hotel Towels

Shopping for hotel towel is not really a small effort. However, with some very helpful tips, you could be sure of getting the best towel for your budget and taste. These tips will make sure that you do not fall into the various issues that many people fall into.

Shopping around for a very good towel whether its for a Airbnb or a motel or a vacation home involves doing a thorough research to avail you with the necessary red flags to avoid. However, much will depend on the budget you have set aside for your towel shopping. Regardless, you could still get good value for whichever towel you decide to buy.

Getting a good towel does not necessarily mean you will have to splash so much. Expensive towels do not equal quality towels. You need to have a good eye to find a quality and luxury hotel towels that lasts long for a very good price too.

Usually in towel shopping, touch is the major thing that will help you to distinguish a good towel from a lesser quality one. It is a tactile art. However, since most manufacturers treat their towels with softeners, touching may not be the only way to recognize a good and high quality towel.

Below are some very helpful tips which would be very practical towards helping you recognize a high quality towel.

1. Take time to feel the fabric

When you feel the fabric of the towel with your hand, it should feel soft to the touch, and not scratchy. If the fabric does not feel soft to the touch, it is a good indication that it is made of lesser fabric. The fibres of the towel should appear as lawn grass would. It is surely of a low quality if the towel is thin and feels like canvas to the touch.

2. Pay attention to the weight

All towels have what we call gram per square metres (GSM), which is the weight of the fabric. Towels with lower GSM are thinner and lighter, and they are good for use as gym bags.

3. Read the label

The US Federal Trade Commission is responsible for overseeing products which are covered by the Textile Acts and Rules. The Commission stipulates that the label has to list the fibers that have been used for making the towel in order of predominance, such as 70% cotton and 30% polyester. Also, according to FTC guidelines, labels must be legible and can easily be read too.

4. Consider the types of Cotton

Basically, bath towels are often produced from any of the four types of cotton, which are: Standard, Supima, and Egyptian. Of all the three mentioned, the Egyptian & Pima cotton absorbs moisture the most. Supima cotton, which is grown in the United States, is more durable and also produces shorter threads than the Egyptian cotton. Note that synthetic towels on the other hand do not absorb moisture as much as the ones made from cotton.

5. Pick the size of your choice

There are several sizes of bath towels, such as the 52 inches long towels or the 60-70 inches long bath sheets. It all depends on what you want, keeping in mind that the bigger the towel, the larger the space it will take up in your washing machine.

6. Test the shrinkage

Test out the towels for shrinkage. The easiest way you may want to do this is to purchase a washcloth and go ahead and toss it in your washing machine together with a full load. See if it comes out looking smooth and without shrinkage

7. Launder it the proper way

Make sure to launder your towel properly. Be cautious of the amount of detergent you use. You want to make sure you are not using as much as the label stipulates. Actually, it is advisable to use half of what the label says. Your laundry will still come out looking very clean. Also, you want to be very selective when using fabric softeners. Do not use the type that will leave your towel with a waxy film that will prevent absorption.

8. Check the Stitching

Check for the stitching of the fabric. A more absorbent towel should have closely packed stitching together with very dense loops. Towels with low density of loops are of a low quality. If the base fabric underneath could be seen, then it is a major indication that the towel is of a low quality. You must however note that the denser the towel, the heavier it is. Try and hold the towel before you buy it to check for how heavy it is. In addition, make sure to check out for double turned edges and double stitching in the towel. This is a good indication that your towel will last longer, since it will prevent fraying.

9. Color

The color of a towel is not necessarily very important. But mind you, since your towel will be a major part of your bathroom decoration, it will be fine to select your color carefully. You want to make sure it harmonizes with the color scheme of your bathroom. And do not forget; always wash new towels before you start using them. This is to prevent excess dye from running onto fabrics and even onto your body. If you have zero idea on which color to choose, I would suggest you stick with white, since colors fade with time, and white towels could be washed with bleach to even retain their brightness.

The above tips could be very helpful to you as you go about shopping for a good new towel. Make sure to not go over your budget, and ensure it suits your bath needs. However, the ultimate choice is yours to make. We have only provided you with useful tips that could guide you in selecting a good towel for use. Make sure the towel fits your requirements, and ensure the stitches and seams are made tightly enough. Ensure to always stick to the care instructions to keep your towel lasting longer. Do not forget; never allow your towel to stay damp for too long so as to prevent that musky smell from setting in.