5 tips for selecting the best towels for hotels

5 tips for selecting the best towels for hotels

Posted by Judson Uhre on Dec 31st 1969

The first thing that guests will notice when they enter a hotel bathroom is the soft fluffy towels. Selecting the best bath towels for the hotel can positively influence customer perception of the hotel service.

As a hotel manager, you need to make sure that the customers have a perfectly pleasant stay at the hotel. Quality hotel towels can mean all the difference between pleasant customer experience and an uncomfortable stay.

Selecting a bath towel for the hotel is not as straightforward as buying one for a home. You need to look at the quality of the material and thickness of the towel when buying for a hotel. The goal is to buy the best luxury towel that the customers will love.

1. Towel Weight

One of the first considerations when buying a bath towel is the weight of the towel. The towel weight is measured in grams per square meter. The higher the weight, the more luxurious it will feel to the guests. Consider buying a towel with a GSM of 500+ as it will give the ultimate comfort and absorbency.

Towels with lighter weight are an economical choice for gyms and motels. But they won’t create a premium quality feel. For higher-end companies like hotels, spas, and resorts, heavy towels are the right choice. They feel soft and plush and add a bit of luxury to the overall experience of the guests.

2. Towel Fabric

Another important consideration when buying a towel for a hotel is the fabric. You should buy a towel that is made of pure cotton.

However, there is not one but different types of cotton. The feel and durability of the cotton towel will depend on the type of cotton. Popular cotton towels include Egyptian cotton towels, Turkish cotton towels, Pima and Supima cotton towels.

A high-quality bath towel feels softer to the hand as compared to a low-quality towel. Towels made with Egyptian, Pima, and Supima Egyptian cotton are particularly soft to touch. These towels are the best quality and the yarn is silky soft and less prone to fuzziness.

3. Combed Cotton Loops

When buying a cotton towel, you should look for a towel with 100 percent ‘combed’ cotton tag. The cotton fibers attract water naturally and hold nearly 25 times the weight in liquid. Combed towels have longer threads that increase the strength of the towels and prevents the towel from piling.

Check the stitch quality of the towel. A combed cotton towel with tightly packed, thick loops is more absorbent. In case, you can see the base of the towel, chances are that the towel is made of poor quality material.

4. Durability

A major consideration for a hotel when buying bath towels is durability. A towel with a double ply is twice as durable as compared to a towel with a single ply. In addition, a towel made of cotton is more durable as compared to standard towels. That’s why most hotels and resorts use cotton towels since they provide great value for money.

Consider buying 100 percent cotton towels. While Cotton/polyester blend is also durable, it is less absorbent as compared to cotton. For maximum quality durable towel, you should go for a towel made with pure cotton.

5. Towel Border

Towels can have dobby or cam border. A towel with a dobby border has elegant stripes at the edges with unique designs such as stripes, checkers, and other patterns. On the other hand, a towel with a cam border has a flat texture at the top and bottom.

For more upscale locations, a towel with a dobby border is more appropriate. A dobby border will give the best quality appearance and feel adding to the guest’s pleasant experience at the hotel.

Summing It All Up

Selecting the best hotel towels requires certain consideration. You should consider weight, fabric, loops, durability, and design of a towel. The best quality towels for hotels and resorts are ones that are made of pure cotton.

Consider buying a towel with Supima or Egyptian cotton as they are the most durable and soft to touch as compared to other towels. The following table summarizes the types and quality of bath towels and their suitability.

Bath Towel Quality

Bath Towel Fabric Type

Bath Towel Price

Suitable Locations


Rayon, Cotton/Polyester blend

Economical Price

Homes, motels, hospitals, and gyms


Spun cotton, 100 percent cotton, uncombed cotton loops

Average Price
Small spas and health clubs


Heavy Supima cotton, Egyptian cotton, Combed cotton loops

High-end price
Upscale hotels, spas, and resorts

One of the best towels for the hotel is the 1888 Mills Towels. This towel is made of 100 percent pure combed Supima Cotton. The premium quality cotton of the towel is grown in the US. As compared to other cotton types, this type of cotton has extra-long staple fibers that give it special properties.

Towels made of the Supima have extra strength, durability, and softness. It is one of the most luxurious materials for a towel. A towel made of the material is the top-of-the-line that makes it perfect for hotels. The material has a luxury feel to it almost like silk on the skin. This makes it a sensible purchase for 5-star luxury hotels. The fabric of the towel will stand the test of time providing great value for money.

1888 Mills Pure Supima Cotton towels are great for upscale spas and resorts. The luxurious and durable quality of the Supima cotton is combined with proprietary EnduraWeave features. EnduraWeave is a patented technology of 1888 Mills that gives extra density, durability, and absorbency to a material.

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