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5 Reasons Why Your Hotel Needs High Quality Housekeeping Carts

5 Reasons Why Your Hotel Needs High Quality Housekeeping Carts

Posted by Judson Uhre on Oct 1st 2017

There’s a lot of pressure on hotel owners and managers to provide the perfect experience, ambiance, and of course, client support for those staying at their locations today. Towels need to be neatly cleaned, folded, and presented alongside a spotless hotel room. There are no room for errors, and that kind of pressure can make it a taxing and laborious process for everyone involved with the tidying, cleaning, and arranging of rooms and displays in every sized hotel presently.

Though there are some new technological advancements available to hotels for expediting booking, checking in, and checking out processes, certain timeless products reign supreme for getting the job done right. Housekeeping carts, through the ages, have maintained a hotel relevancy that nothing can beat. From the convenience, to the all-around efficiency of carrying dozens of differently needed items and supplies, these carts have managed to make a name for themselves in the 21 st century.

Of course, the carts we know and love today aren’t the big, bulky ones that used to block up the entire hallway. With our small, optimized housekeeping carts that won’t interrupt any doorway, here are 5 reasons why your hotel needs high quality housekeeping carts immediately.

1. Compact Efficiency:

XDUTY XPRESS CARTGone are the days when hotel carts were so big that they forced people to take entirely new routes back from the pool. USA Today back in 2013 even reported that some of the bulkier carts were inflicting injuries upon hotel staff attempting to push and navigate them around the facility. Instead, today, there are sleek, small, and ergonomic hotel carts that are still able to hold all of the necessary supplies without the backbreaking effort.

Think of all the items these carts carry to rooms. There are towels, bathroom cleaners, window cleaners, conditioner, shampoo, soap, bathmats, glasses, sheets, linens, pillows, bedspreads, vacuum cleaners, irons, and the list goes on. Imagine if your hotel staff had to run to the convenience closet every single time a room needed one of these items? The efficiency of your cleanup staff would plummet overnight. Instead, with a housekeeping cart, staff can wheel up hotel supplies and keep going from room to room without needing to pause.

Plus, with a smaller, more navigable housekeeping cart at their disposal, they won’t grow weary and tired of pushing it around all day. The result will be more efficient, quality housekeeping work observed at every level of your operation.

2. Beautiful Aesthetic:

Beauty and image matter in a hotel setting. People are paying hundreds of dollars for an ambience they wouldn’t get at home or in an Airbnb. As such, they expect a décor and overall persona that matches their expectation for your hotel stay. Since our product line was created with intricate aesthetic in mind, we’re able to provide you with color-coded, classic looking housekeeping carts and luggage stands that are reminiscent of America’s 1920s.

Additionally, since the carts are a fraction of the typical housekeeping cart size, they won’t be an unwanted eyesore for every guest walking to/from their rooms every day. If you want guests that continue to return back to your hotel and recommend it to friends, you want to provide them with the kind of royal, luxurious experience that they intended. Impress your guests with a cart that sneaks in and out of rooms with no noise, hassle, or disorganization in the process.

3. Organization:

There are a lot of items, hotel linen supplies, and general hospitality supplies that are required for a proper hotel room upkeep. Though we listed out a bunch up above, there are still hundreds of other requirements that work in tandem to create the perfect, clean hotel room for guests today. As such, this kind of intricacy requires detailed and carefully planned organization for making it happen.

If your staff attempts to work without a housekeeping cart, they’ll immediately fall into a level of disorganization that will affect their performance and effectiveness. With a housekeeping cart, they can label different shelf sections, pockets, and bags with what’s carrying them. Imagine how similar the cleaner for the toilet bowl can look when compared to the cleaner for the refrigerator. No one is perfect, and the mix-ups can happen much easier than you think.

With a housekeeping cart at their disposal, they’ll be able to expertly organize and arrange all of their hotel supplies without blinking an eye. Plus, having this kind of outright organization system will make it easy to transfer the cart from one worker to the other. Hotels have to constantly undergo shift changes, especially with cleaners. Displaying obvious labeling in the compact housekeeping carts makes it as seamless as possible when another picks up the same route later that day.

Not to mention, this kind of organization saves workers countless hours every day prepping and preparing for the house cleaning routes. As a result, they’re able to clean more in a shorter amount of time.

4. Safety:

As reported by the USA Today, the sheer size of the previous housekeeping carts was putting hotel staff in danger. From pushing the carts in and out of elevators, to getting trapped beneath them when they would suddenly tip over, these newer, more ergonomic housekeeping carts do not pose any physical threat to those using them as well as nearby hotel guests. There have even been reported instances when the massive carts caused injury to the hotel guests sitting closely by. It was not a good situation.

Above all, safety is paramount when it comes to just about anything. Since hotels want to keep up a good reputation and retain their clientele as efficiently as possible, it is in their best interest to utilize tools that are safe and secure. These newer lines of light, easy-to-maneuver products ensure that everyone using them is going to be safe by the end of the day. Unforeseen instances happen, things fall, and unlikely weather can sweep through a resort with gusting wind currents. Be prepared for these kinds of obstacles and know that the weight and size of these carts keeps them from being a bodily threat.

5. Employee Retention:

Every employer wants his or her employees to be happy on the job. The happier the employee, the more efficient and thoroughly they will perform at their job day-in and day-out. It's common sense to want a satisfied workforce that goes the extra mile when it’s needed. In a hotel setting, the extra mile can be needed quite frequently, as guests’ sometimes unruly behavior can lead to unexpected messes and cleanups.

As such, as an employer, you should consider housekeeping carts simply for the happiness and satisfaction of your staff. If you’re requiring employees to run halfway across the hotel every time they need a new item, they are going to quickly resent you and your operation. But, by lightening their load and providing them with something that is movable and light, they are going to respect you and your support for them.

Not to mention, how many times have you been to a hotel when disgruntled staff left a bad taste in your mouth? Your employees are the reflection of the business you run in a hotel, and you want them to be as chipper and amiable as possible. Customer support and satisfaction are huge components of hotel success, and that starts with the staff that represents you every single day. Your employees have more personable interaction with hotel guests than you do – provide them with the materials they need to be happy and successful.

Housekeeping Carts: The Universal Answer

If you’ve made it this far in the blog, chances are, you agree that housekeeping carts present immeasurable benefits for managing any type of hotel setting. From organization to employee satisfaction, these carts bring with them a variety of perks that will better your operation at every level. Custom satisfaction is king at the end of the day, and sleek, beautiful cleaning carts are what will deliver it to you.

We recommend considering our line of seamless and meticulously designed housekeeping carts, as well as luggage carts, for providing a luxurious, boutique-based experienced to your present and future hotel guests. Don't force people to tiptoe around the massive cleaning carts clogging your hallway. Not to mention, you don’t want to encourage a nasty Yelp review in which guests comment on the bulkiness and unattractiveness of the typical massive carts.

Instead, make a commitment to the functional, beautiful, and aesthetically pleasing alternative with our new line of classically inspired housekeeping carts. Designed to carry everything from linen supplies to hotel cleaning supplies, these carts get the job done in just a fraction of the typical size.

Quality is just as important to us as it is to you. Our carts have been hand-designed and carefully developed to support all of your cleaning needs and requirements.

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