Brushed Stainless Bathroom Accessories

Brushed Stainless Bathroom Accessories

Posted by Hotels4Humanity on Aug 17th 2021

premium quality. There’s something very luxurious about a hotel bathroom itself, and the accessories placed therein should also be a reflection of that.

However, these accessories should also be durable and aesthetically pleasing, and here is where brushed stainless bathroom accessories come in. They’re a new type of accessories, made from stainless steel. They have a diverse number of finishes, so you can decide which one goes with your bathroom.

Hotel bathroom accessories are some of the most important objects you can have in your repertoire, as these are objects that one most often comes in contact with. If even a single thing goes amiss here, you might not have the happy customers you wish to have roaming in your hotel. Instead, you’ll have to deal with a bunch of unsatisfied guests, which might be a management nightmare.

What are Brushed Stainless Bathroom Accessories?

The term defines itself but let’s break it down for you:

Bathroom accessories: These are all the accessories that guests may use in the bathroom. It can include wastebasket, tissue paper covers, amenity trays, soap dishes, and soap dispensers. There are also other accessories like towel racks and towels.

Brushed stainless: Stainless stands for stainless steel as that is the material that these bathroom accessories are made of. Stainless steel is a good choice for bathroom accessories as they generally get wet, and experts laud stainless steel to resist rust. This feature means that these accessories are then able to last for a longer time.

What are They Used for?

Guests can use bathroom accessories for several reasons depending on what they are. But mostly, they’re like the furniture inside a bathroom; everything serves its purpose and brings function into the corners of the space that it is kept in. Bathroom accessories bring more structure to the bathroom and will have your guests feeling like they’re home.

What are Some Bathroom Accessories You Should Have?

If you’re unsure as to what to stock in your bathrooms, then you’ve come to the right place. Certain things need to be placed in the bathroom to make it functional for your guests. Without such accessories, the place can feel cold and foreign, and it’s very unlikely that your guests will have a pleasant stay here.

Some of the bathroom accessories we would recommend are listed below:

1) Wastebasket

A wastebasket is very important to have in your bathroom because it allows for the quick disposal of waste. People use bathrooms to clean up, and thus wastebaskets in the bathroom are imperative to ensure that none of the germs present in a bathroom led to the bedroom and make your guests sick. It is also necessary as guests need to dispose of toilet paper off here along with sanitary napkins. If a wastebasket is not present in your hotel bathroom, the guests will likely notice it as it’s very inconvenient. This is likely to result in a dissatisfied customer making a call to the reception for missing amenities in their bathroom.

2) Tissue Box Cover

A tissue box cover may not seem like a big game-changer, but it actually could save you. Tissue box covers are a great way to stop unintentional marketing within your hotels, and it also stops guests from using the kind of tissues you use. That anonymity can mean that the tissues become a service of your hotel rather than that of another company. Furthermore, using a tissue box cover means that the aesthetic of the bathroom is seamless, it creates a uniform color scheme and palette to the bathroom, and your guests are bound to appreciate this.

3) Cotton Container

A cotton container is an enclosure used to store and keep cotton balls in a hotel. Guests can also use them for other cotton products like cotton buds or cotton swabs. Some hotels also stock cotton pads here for make-up removal. You could perhaps kick it up a notch and use this container to stock make-up wipes. However, the premise of the container is cotton storage, which is important as the guest may require it at any point in time, and thus, these should be available. Cotton containers are generally made from clear plastic.

4. Soap Dish

Soap dishes are essential in the washroom as here is where they clean their hands. If a soap dish isn’t available, then the soap doesn’t have a place to go, and that’s likely to make things very untidy for the guests. Soap dishes help situate a slippery soap and also prevent it from getting used up too quickly. Thus it would be best if you stocked soap dishes in the bathrooms of your hotel. Soap dishes should be easy to clean, and thus a stainless steel soap dish is ideal as it need only be rinsed and washed to get rid of the soapy residue.

5. Amenity Tray

Most guests get ready for big events in their bathroom, and thus, you must keep an amenity tray in the bathrooms. Guests can use it to layout any jewelry or accessory like cufflinks that they need to wear at the last minute. Furthermore, amenity trays are also essential for guests to place their valuables before taking a bath. This product provides structure and physical indications to guests that the hotel cares about their needs.

Final Thoughts

Bathroom accessories are essential in any hotel bathroom; however, to step up your game compared to the rest of the hotels, you may want to invest in the brushed stainless bathroom accessories from the hotel premier collection luxury throw. They are functional and beautiful and are likely to liven up the bathroom counter space.

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