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Posted by Hotels4humanity on Jan 10th 2018

Martex Hotel Pillow

There are many factors that determine how well you get to sleep in a hotel room,  hotel pillows are one of these factors, resting your head on the perfect pillow will send you off to dreamland in no time at all. Pillows come in varying kinds and you can easily pick out the best one for yourself. With pillows, we can have a better sleep, sit in a comfortable position and enhance the home decor as a whole. The types of pillows available in the market are enormously of varying kinds, they range from huge decorative pillows to simple bed pillows, from lumbar support or memory foam pillows to inflatable neck pillows for long trips. So you just have to think of a particular type of pillow and you will find it.


A pillow can be said to be a kind of cushion that contains filler materials. What determines the type of filler that will be used is the size and softness that the user desires. Pillows are of different types, they include decorative, orthopedic, pregnancy, down, and reading pillows. It is the user's needs that dictate his/her choice of pillow, for example, a user that spends long hours sitting in front of a computer might go for a pillow that will provide neck support while a pregnant woman might go for a pillow that would support her back in order to ease the lower back pains she's experiencing. There are also hypoallergenic pillows that are specially made for those suffering from allergies. Furthermore, you can choose between soft, firm or medium pillows.

The vast range of pillows available in the market puts you in the best position of knowing which would suit you more and filling your home with different kinds of pillows would be a wise thing to do because family needs are not the same. You should do away with pillows when they start feeling lumpy or when they develop odors or disgusting stains.


The following factors into the cost of the various kinds of pillows: type of fill used, the manufacturer, thread count and quality of stitching. There are always pillow cases on every pillow types to protect them from oils or dirts that sometimes lead to disgusting stains. You can also care for your pillow by fluffing it daily to help keep its shape intact. You should clean your pillow on a regular basis, same way you clean other bed or couch items. Dry cleaning your pillow is more advisable than using the washing machine as machine washing it can damage many types of pillows. Regardless of how much care you give to your pillows, it's good you change them after every two years for your own good.

There are certain kind of pillows that can be used for fun like the decorative pillows you find on sofas, beds or window seats. They come in various sizes and shapes and can make a room or home have more character. Children find it fun to play with some of these pillows especially if there's a sound that the fill produces when it's pressed. Young kids find this really exciting.

However, pillows are something we can't do without, so it's best to choose the one that's best for your needs and budgets among the various kinds. Go for the pillows that will be more comfortable for you and your family from large decorative ones that increase the brightness of the house to soft bed pillows. You can wash the outer cover as often as you like because it's easily removable but the pillow itself would have to go to the dry cleaner as that's where it will be best cleaned.The pillows, of course, would develop uncomfortable lumps or unpleasant odors with time that's why you should change them every two years.

Some pillows are designed to help you with certain health issues like sinus blockage, strain, discomfort while sleeping etc. Listed below are some common types of pillows and their benefits.

Contour ріllоw

This pillow has a special design that's different from the regular flat pillow. The kind of curve they have makes it highly beneficial. Contour pillows provide your shoulder and neck with quality support. Resting your head on the regular flat pillow leaves it tilted but contour pillows minimize that strain, making your neck remain in an healthy condition for a long while. Contour pillows increase your level of comfort because they match your natural positions when you rest on them.

Lаtеx pillows

The discovery of the enormous benefits that Lаtеxріllоwѕ have has led to their popularity. These pillows are made using natural latex which gives your neck, shoulders and head a proper support.One major advantage of latex pillows is the fact that adverse temperatures do not affect them like other kinds of pillows, they maintain a stable temperature. They are an ideal choice for those that are allergic to dust because they repel dust mites. When pillows start losing their shapes, they can be hazardous to the health as this can cause serious strain to the neck. However, latex pillows are known to be sturdy and remain firm for years.

Travel Pillow

It would be wise of you to purchase an airplane neck pillow if you find that you tend to doze off while traveling. They wound firmly around your neck and help you maintain stability and proper posture should you sleep off while traveling. No matter the angle your head falls to while you sleep, these pillows stay firm and ensure you have a comfortable sleep without any avoidable strain while traveling. You can also get neck pillows for kids if you travel along with a family. Kids love these pillows because they can sit upright and still have a sound sleep.

The above listed types of pillows are the most commonly used; you can try using each one of them to see which best suits you.