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Where to find hotel supplies for the best value!

Where to find hotel supplies for the best value!

Posted by Hotels4Humanity on Apr 11th 2018

In this blog post we explore the top hotel supply companies in the world and how they differ.


And of course we have, Hotels4Humanity:

A little about us, Hotels for Humanity is an American company that mainly caters to the hospitality industry but also serves “church groups, charities, schools, military installations, hospitals, nursing homes, government offices, correctional facilities, spas and gyms, and even directly to individuals…” What sets us apart from the competition is the focus on charitable causes to help nonprofit organizations. See this quick video to get the gist of what we do. We also encourage non-profits to reach out to us to become registered. These organizations can then utilize marketing tools and funnel traffic to Hotels for Humanity and direct buyers to donate to them through our site. We give charities the chance to connect with powerful businesses and create strong connections. Our charity collaboration page contains the Collaboration Challenge Workbook that gives nonprofits templates and worksheets to build a strong business strategy in order to create those partnerships.

Our site contains multiple quality brands of furniture, bedding and accessories, bathroom and pool products, guest room amenities, housekeeping/janitorial supplies, restaurant and spa linens, pest control and green products. We offer quick and reliable shipping to the continental US and our customer service is readily available through email at, our messaging portal on our site and via telephone at 605-858-0545 Monday through Friday MST and at our 1-800-517-1536 number.

As a hotelier, business owner or homeowner, we know you have a lot of options. There are great hotel supply companies out there that care for more than just profit and are doing better for the world. Each company listed above fits different needs for different businesses and hoteliers, and we pride ourselves on being able to serve you in the best capacity while also giving back to communities and worthy causes.

At Hotels4Humanity we are aware that there are many options available to hoteliers on where to purchase supplies, linens and equipment. There are certainly factors to keep in mind when purchasing from a supply company and it saves time and effort to stay loyal to one company for all your needs. Although mixing and matching companies to purchase separate items can cut costs here and there, having a one stop shop reduces stress and time. Some of the factors that may sway your decision are:


Are you a chain that is domestic or international? Does it matter to you to purchase items from across the world while having operations domestically? If you are an international branch, perhaps it suits you better to have a supplier that can cut time on traveling costs and distance. Or maybe it matters to your clients to have international brands despite being a local inn. Regardless of your preference, this aspect is important when choosing a supply company.

Services Offered

The amount of options available from bedding to equipment is an important factor to keep in mind. Should a supplier only offer the greatest bed spreads but have little to no options in kitchen supplies for a hotel that may be a problem. Minimizing the amount of places you shop at can make difference, after all time is money.


Negation and customizable orders are great qualities in a supply chain. If the supplier is flexible to your needs as an avid purchaser or is at least open for negation on wholesale prices, this can be the tie breaker between them and the next company. A supplier should see the value in maintaining a long term relationship of customer and buyer that will be reap benefits in the long run. If a chain is less likely to work with you on certain orders, this may be reason to reevaluate your partnership.


There may be a supply chain that started with your company from its inception. Having history with a supplier can spur loyalty, however if your establishment begins to grow and your supplier begins to lag in orders fulfilled, then it is time to consider your other options.

Keeping those factors in mind, here is a list of the top hotel supplies:

American Hotel Register Company:

American Hotel has been around since 1865 and prides itself on being a family owned company that surfaced during the Civil War in America. They have over 70,000 products on their site including 1,600 national brands, 3,000+ registry brand products and 4,600 green products. Their products are suitable for more than hoteliers to also encompass the medical, governmental, and educational fields. Despite being an American born company, they are a well established global supplier. They proudly believe in sustainability and have an eco-friendly approach to their products. As mentioned above, a great portion of their products are made with eco-friendly practices.

American Hotel is also extremely thorough, with distribution centers found all over the US, their shipping and delivery is quick and efficient for customers. They also have special delivery options at an additional charge for their customers. Flexibility for payment is also available, as they accept orders over the phone, website, and fax or through the mail. And of course custom signs, imprinting and printing services are offered. On their site, they have an assortment of guest room amenities, bedding, office supplies and equipment, electronics, housekeeping and janitorial, maintenance, food service, furniture and print solutions. With their history, experience and global reach, there is a reason why American Hotel is one of the top supply chains.

HD Supply Facilities Maintenance:

As the name implies, HD Supply fits a certain niche in what it offers its customers. Although they do provide bedding and linens for hoteliers they specialize in facility supplies and equipment. For this reason their site caters to a wider array of customers, from hoteliers to government agencies and the private sector. Their company began in 1974 and today they offer over 70,000 products, over 500 delivery trucks and even more field account representatives. The company began in California and has extended since then across the United States. Since then the company has merged with Home Depot and Economy Maintenance Supply, and Hughes Supply to become what is now known as HD supply.

HD Supply also has a charitable side in its inner workings with volunteer, product donation, sponsorship and environmentally friendly practices being the keystones. The company is known for having multiple volunteer groups across the country such as Houston Food Bank and AHA Wear Red Day in Los Angeles. They also donate products and appliances to nonprofit organizations.

HD Supply also leads the industry with its green approach, by creating green facilities. Most of their offices and distribution centers have “energy-efficient lighting, motion sensors, and programmable thermostats.” They also reuse their returned boxes and have sustainable awareness programs. As for their products, despite being an equipment focused business, on their site they provide bed, bath and table linens, cabinets, furniture, hardware, janitorial supplies and equipment and pool supplies. With their history, specialty in equipment and facility supplies, HD climbs to the top of the hotel supply list.

Guest Supply:

Guest Supply is another well-known international supply company. With headquarters in the US, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Asia and China, their global reach rivals even that of American Hotel. Guest supply is a young company compared to the ones discussed previously. They specialize in the international hospitality business and have 25,000 customers in over 100 countries. Despite their array of products, they also offer “product design and development, manufacturing, distribution, and service and support…” Guest Supply is a Sysco company and therefore also caters to the healthcare and restaurant sectors. Because of their global presence, they carry brands from all corners of the world available at the touch of a button. Guest Supply is as equally focused on green initiatives as American Hotel and HD Supply, selecting manufacturing processes and businesses that support the green movement. Guest Supply is a current partner with Clean the World and together they aim to reduce waste and assist those in need. A big part of their effort is overseeing the waste of their products and utilizing disregarded products to be routed to countries that are in need of them.

Since Guest Supply specializes in providing for the hospitality sphere, they offer convenience and smart service to hoteliers. Because of their sheer size, they have a large sales team to assist in manufacturing, distribution and product development questions. They are highly flexible and customize orders for buyers. On their site they offer everything from bedding to small and major appliances and even to lighting and fitness equipment.

Thank you for reading this blog post and be sure to catch other posts on our Hints4Hotelier’s page.