​Episode 5: Hotel Supply Store

Posted by Rex and Ruff at Hotels4humanity on Feb 28th 2023

Rex and Ruff were on the road again, driving to their next assignment - an inspection of a hotel supply store. Ruff was excited for the change of scenery. He had been to many hotels, but he had never been to a store that supplied them.When they arrived at Hotels4humanity, they were met by the store manager, who showed them around the store. It was filled with all sorts of hotel supplies, from linens to furniture to décor. Ruff couldn't help but marvel at all the different items.

Rex and Ruff made their way around the store, inspecting everything in detail. Rex was looking for any signs of disrepair or wear and tear, but everything seemed to be in good condition. Ruff, meanwhile, was more focused on the accessories that he could find for his own home.

After inspecting the store, Rex and Ruff made their way to the checkout counter. There, they were met by the store manager again. He thanked them for their inspection, and gave them a discount on their purchase of hotel supplies.

Rex and Ruff were happy with the outcome of their inspection and drove off, satisfied with their day's work. On the way home, they stopped at a general store to stock up on supplies for their next inspection. As they drove away, Ruff couldn't help but feel excited to see what other adventures awaited them.